Pretty Pics from Pinterest: DIY Valentine Wreaths

It’s finally Friday!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!

I trust you have all made it safely and happily to the end of the week, or the beginning of your week depending on what your schedule entails. Even when Friday’s weren’t the actual start to my weekend, they were always somehow happier than the rest of the week. There’s a certain jovial air about this day that we call Friday isn’t there?

Anyways, with it being Friday, and I being lazy and not wanting to edit pictures for a post, I thought I’d share some pretty images I found while in the time warp that is Pinterest.  Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought it might be fun to look at some hearty crafts, particularly heart wreaths. I love to keep some type of seasonal wreath on my door, (ya know because I like everything to be dressed, I don’t want any indecent doors around my house), and I’ve been looking for that perfect Valentine wreath. So, here’s a few crafty wreaths I’ve found around the interwebs.

Ali Lily Blog

Etsy Shop: The September Tree similar wreath

Crystal’s Craft Spot

Arts for Life

White Lace Cottage

The Idea Room

Have a safe, happy and crafty weekend!!!


Green Clovers Abound!

I am not one to proclaim my crafty skills from the rooftops, I’m not even one that really shares a lot of her crafting attempts.  It’s not that I don’t have “skill”, it’s that I get antsy, and want no need the project done. Projects with immediate results are my favorite!

I recently experimented with one of these immediate “results projects”. With it being St. Pat’s day, I thought I would share one of my classic crafty fails. A jolly green wreath…

I started out with a dollar store wreath spray painted white, some dollar store faux flowers, a wooden green clover I had on hand, and some left over ribbon from my sister’s wedding.

Here’s a during shot, quite a complicated process. I cut the cheap-o flowers short on their stem and just stuck them willy nilly into the wreath.

Then, I tied my clover to the wreath with some of my leftover ribbon.

And here she is on my front door…

A little dinky looking, and a little crooked, but full of that St. Paddy’s Day cheer!!

Maybe for Easter I’ll buy a wreath…

Spooky Crafts

Planning a wedding has become so much more time consuming than I could have ever imagined. So, needless to say (and I’ll say it anyways), my Halloween and Fall decorating ideas haven’t been done. I really don’t forsee them getting accomplished this year, but at least I can blog about my favorite crafts ideas this year and dream. So, thanks to Martha Stewart I’ve found some pretty cute craft ideas for Halloween. Feel free to click on the pictures to find out how to do these cute little projects for yourself.

These cute tin pumpkins are so sweet. With  just a few cans of left over paint, a hammer, and an awe, you’ve got some pretty AWEsome pumpkins. And the best part about these is that they can be used year after year. That is, if they don’t get lost in the garage.

This jar idea is cute, and I bet you  could even implement this idea for other holidays. For Christmas you could paint your jars red and green with cute little elf faces. At Valentines Day they could be red and pink, at Easter you could have happy pastel bunny jars.  And they don’t necessarily have to have faces. But I think those smiling faces are just too adorable not to use!

Good ol’ Martha Stewart called these “funkins”, and they could be fun to make. Glow in the dark powder and inexpensive fake but carveable pumpkins and a black light is all you really need to make these. Since this project sounds so easy and quick it might be something I could actually complete!

This project seems a bit time consuming for me, but I thought they were creepy yet understated. Which is what your Halloween decor should be right?

If you’re going to dress up for Halloween why not dress up your candles too? This little craft only requires some tissue paper, tape, an exacto knife, and of course a candle holder with a candle. I really like this idea, because for one it’s not permanent, and you won’t have to worry about storing a season specific item all year long.

These ideas definitely got my crafty wheels turning! If I try any of these projects I’ll be sure to post about it. But don’t keep your fingers crossed, the headless horseman might come and make chocolate bars out of them! MAHAHAW….