Valentine’s Day

Maybe it’s all the sugar, or maybe I’m just plain tired from a busy week, but I’m not really up to sifting through, editing, and posting about all the great things I’ve seen this past week while sniffing around some pretty awesome thrift stores. So, with it being Valentine’s Day, I bid you a very happy, love and sugar filled day!


I’ll just owe you a Thrifting Thursday next week. You might be surprised to find that Thrifting Monday is just as exciting as Thrifting Thursday!


Weekend Happenings: Zombie Apocalypse

Tuesday, where did Monday go? And why is Wednesday already tail gating me? Before I know it, heart day will be here and gone, and then it’ll be time to enjoy that marvelous long weekend! Or what others may call President’s Day. That’s the joy of being a public employee, the long weekends thanks to national holidays.

The point is, this week is just flying by, and it’s not just this week, it’s other weeks, time in general is flying by. As I’ve hit that 30-something mark, the days feel longer but the weeks feel shorter, my to-do list keeps growing, but the tasks never get done. Even right now, as I sit here writing this post there are a million, zillion, things that I know are not so patiently waiting for their turn at my attention. While I think of all the other things that need to be or want to be done.


I think I just tuckered myself out thinking about it.

Maybe it’s time to stop, re-focus, and remember all the relaxation that happened over the past weekend.


We had cake. No, it wasn’t a birthday or some other big event, it was simply Saturday. And the cake was on sale, why not? I should also mention, it was a mini cake. I LOVE cake, but I could never eat an entire standard sized sheet cake in one weekend. Well, I could, but by Monday I’d be waddling into the nearest Old Navy to buy bigger jeans. No thanks, I’ll stick to the mini cakes thankyouverymuch.


And I finally got to break in a new tea maker. By the way, thanks Mom for the great gift that provides me with that sweet sweet caffeine!

Yes, I am so addicted to iced tea I can’t wait for the water to boil to make it the old fashioned way. And yes, this is my new tea maker, meaning that I have worn out another one. And yes, I buy home teeth whitening products in bulk, actually, I don’t, I’d rather live with slightly yellowed teeth than have the shade of blue teeth that Suze Orman has. No offense to those who whiten or to Ms. Orman! I love to watch the Can I Afford It segment on her show every Saturday. But it also makes me sad, because I realize I can’t afford it.                                                                              “It” meaning the newest toy I’ve had my eye on.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the weekend…


I picked out my Valentine tulips early this year. Apparently, the closer you get to heart day the more expensive flowers get.

lionbrandhomespunyarnOh, and the most exciting part of the weekend was stepping into Michael’s to find all Lion Brand yarn was 50% off!! I may have gone back a couple more times to stock up. Ya know, just in case there’s a zombie apocalypse that causes a yarn shortage. Since, I hear zombies love to knit and crochet in between eating people’s brains.

And finally, what weekend re-cap wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory dog picture?


Well, I’m off to check some items off my to-do list:

1. Make dining table pretty, bananas do not make an attractive center piece.

2. Sweep the crazy amounts of fur off of the floor

3. Hide hoard of yarn before zombie apocalypse happens

Pretty Pics from Pinterest: DIY Valentine Wreaths

It’s finally Friday!!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!

I trust you have all made it safely and happily to the end of the week, or the beginning of your week depending on what your schedule entails. Even when Friday’s weren’t the actual start to my weekend, they were always somehow happier than the rest of the week. There’s a certain jovial air about this day that we call Friday isn’t there?

Anyways, with it being Friday, and I being lazy and not wanting to edit pictures for a post, I thought I’d share some pretty images I found while in the time warp that is Pinterest.  Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought it might be fun to look at some hearty crafts, particularly heart wreaths. I love to keep some type of seasonal wreath on my door, (ya know because I like everything to be dressed, I don’t want any indecent doors around my house), and I’ve been looking for that perfect Valentine wreath. So, here’s a few crafty wreaths I’ve found around the interwebs.

Ali Lily Blog

Etsy Shop: The September Tree similar wreath

Crystal’s Craft Spot

Arts for Life

White Lace Cottage

The Idea Room

Have a safe, happy and crafty weekend!!!

Doomsday Preppers and Tulips

Bubba and I keep it pretty low key for Valentine’s Day, we typically don’t fight the crowds at restaurants, or pay a ridiculous amounts of money on roses or chocolates.  He and I usually stay in, cook dinner and enjoy one another. Some years, I even talk him into watching a romantic comedy, this year was not one of those years. Instead we watched Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo, I think it’s obvious who won out on the great remote battle that evening. Maybe I let him win because he surprised me with these:

Flowers actuallyon Valentine’s Day! Not the day after (which would have been fine since they are much cheaper then) and not the day before, but on the actual day. I was so proud of him, and so proud of myself for telling him what to buy. Not that I’m that kind of wife…who am I kidding…I so totally am that kind of wife!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did your sweetie fake surprise you with something?

A Boy Named Dutch

Remember my muddy $5 oops paint, and what an awful shade of mud it was even after using copious amounts of white paint to lighten it up? Well, after dealing with my muddy test spots for a couple of weeks, I bit the bullet and just painted over them. My kitchen cabinets are now white…again.

{And I just couldn’t resist the self portrait!}

The paint is Dutch Boy’s Bright White, Medium Base, Semi Gloss. And thanks to the cheaper price for a gallon as opposed to a quart, my doors and trim work will now be Dutch Boy Bright White as well.

It’s actually not a bad color in person, and in the day light. The picture makes things look a little minty green, but it really is white. And it went on quite smoothly, and being low VOC it wasn’t too stinky. I may be a Dutch Boy convert.

And speaking of paint (actually paint has nothing to do with it, but I really couldn’t find a good transitional sentence), Bubba (aka my husband) and I celebrated our first married Valentine’s Day together. He gave me the funniest doggie card signed by Annie, Goldie and himself, and these…

And he did the DISHES! Without me asking him too!!! Yes, most women would want something more valentiney for the big V day, but not me. Give me a silly card that makes me laugh, some pretty yellow flowers, and an empty kitchen sink, and I’m happy as a clam. He also made me a yummy dinner, but of course, being the wonderful hubby he is, that happens every night. ( I hope this post earns me some brownie points!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And if your anti-Valentine’s Day, I hope you were able to adequately avoid the sappiness of the day!