Dust Bunnies

Two posts in the same week? Nay, two posts back to back?! You may wonder if my slackerdom mentioned in the post yesterday has been cured. No, it hasn’t, this is merely a post of avoidance. The avoidance of dishes that beg for attention every time I enter the kitchen, or the laundry that reproduces like those dust bunnies that reside under my couch and every other available dark place in my home. Or all those thank you cards that scream to be sent, a month after the wedding reception/house warming party.(I promise those will be sent out before my first wedding anniversary!)

This post is all about avoidance, and sharing photos that I couldn’t cram into my post yesterday. But mostly avoidance. It’s much easier to sit here and tap away at my keyboard than peel myself from the sofa and scrap last nights dinner from the dishes awaiting me in the kitchen, or finally carry those towels to the washing machine, or relocate the breeding dust bunnies to a more appropriate home.

Ah yes, the joys of procrastination. Let’s hope the urge to avoid will dissipate before the end of the weekend. I’m hoping to get those dust bunnies relocated by Monday!

This past weekend, Bubba and I went to the former Carrot Capital of the world to visit my sweet sweet mother.

Goldie especially loves Mom, maybe it’s due to the fact that  my mother rescued her from certain doom that is Mom’s neighborhood (strays don’t stand a chance on a busy street with speeding cars). Or it could be that Goldie just loves anyone that’s willing to let her transfer her golden needles to them via a good cuddle. Mom’s a regular yellow dog magnet. They are drawn to her like dust bunnies to a rarely visited corner of a living room.  And it’s not just yellow dogs, it’s all dogs. She’s currently got three dogs, one of which is up for adoption.

Here he is helping mom do dishes, actually he doesn’t help. He only watches until he’s shooed away. His name is Buddy, recently neutered, 6 months old, and very friendly. If anyone is interested please let me know. My mother will gladly give up her sweet foster dog if you can offer him a loving forever home. If we can get him to stay still long enough, I’ll post a picture of his sweet face.

While in Grants,  we saw all the sights in town and in nearby areas.These jewels were found in a neighboring town, that consisted of 4 mobile homes and 3 ancient adobes. Small town goodness at it’s best.

Here’s one of the four mobile homes. Everyone’s definition of a castle is different, sometimes it’s a mobile home with a grand entrance.

Or just a little fixer upper…she just needs a little elbow grease and some love.

This was Bubba’s favorite part of the visit. Apparently, Transformers are big with 31 year olds these days.

Aside from visiting my sweet mother, my favorite part of the trip was visiting the airport that I used to frequent with my father as a child. Dad was a private pilot and loved planes. He even had the pleasure of owning a plane two times in his lifetime. However, plane ownership is not for the weak of heart or the empty of wallet and he had to sell them both.

Even during the times he didn’t have a plane, he would still head down to the airport once a day to visit with the manager and other flight enthusiasts. I loved tagging along, and hearing the stories and seeing the planes. All those buttons were too tempting to not take a peek at. To this day, I still enjoy airports and planes. And  as always, snap copious amounts of photos…

I loved this one, it was shiny! And a tail dragger! I have a soft spot for tail draggers as that’s what my dad used to fly when I was a kid and we’d go on our Sunday afternoon flys. I’ve got a Father’s Day post I’ve been working on since before Father’s Day that details these little Dad stories even more. If this procrastination bug ever goes away I’ll get that one up.

Speaking of procrastinating, I can’t ignore the cries of agony coming from my dirty dishes that are begging to be washed, and my damp towels that are surely growing something mysterious by now, and the ever growing dust bunny population.

Here’s to a great weekend filled with equal parts productivity and relaxation!



My slackerdom has finally cast its ugly net onto my blogging habits now. Today I realized it’s been nearly a month since my last post!  There’s got to be some sort of cure for this slackery. It’s even reached it’s craggly cold hand into my photo editing, as I am still working on editing all the photos for the much awaited and talked about party post. But rest assured, that is coming very soon!

The lack of posts doesn’t mean that Bubba and I have been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, or that I haven’t been snapping copious amounts of dog photos (believe me, my furkids run when they see that huge black clicky box). It just means that I’ve been too preoccupied enjoying the summer. There’s been too many fun things to do out and about rather than sitting at home typing away at my laptop. Even with all those great and spectacular things that have been keeping me away from my beloved blog, it was high time to come back for a little RR in my cozy net cottage.

So pull up a virtual chair and grab a glass of virtual lemonade and cozy up on my virtual front porch for a photo story of what we’ve been up to these days.

Like observing the local wildlife. Be very quiet, the native Annie dogs are grazing.

Notice how intently my Golden girl is still observing the grazing Annie. This is what the evening dog outings entail. Run, eat grass, run, watch other dog eat grass, repeat as needed.

This tail, although it may look harmless,  has caused the demise of many a milk glass vase. But isn’t it beautiful?

Aside from observing grazing Annie’s and avoiding happy dog tails, there’s also been other wildlife to enjoy. I’ve got a pair of praying mantis’ living in the front flower bed.

Annie loves to observe Bubba in his natural habitat, the couch, with a Sponge Bob Square Pants Gameboy.

Sometimes the observing pays off, and you get a new frisbee.

A tail wagging new Frisbee.

And a tail wagging and sniff inducing chew bone.

Also crazy eye inducing bone.

After the new toys had been sufficiently chewed, torn, and otherwise played with, it was time for an evening drive. Goldie loves car rides.

Annie not so much.

But once one has arrived at one’s destination, it’s all business. SNIFF SNIFF

We take our walks seriously around here.

We also take our sunsets seriously. And I mean seriously, is God a great artist or what? He creates a beautiful sunset for us to be blessed with every evening. And they are all different. I hear sunrises are just as awe-inducing,  someday I will wake up early enough to enjoy the beautiful sunrise our Lord has made for us….someday.

All that running and chasing and picture-taking calls for a special treat. How about some peach cobbler? Bubba made this from fresh peaches, baked in his new vintage Fire King dish.

Here’s what it looked like a couple of days later.

We may or may not have had cobbler for dinner one night this week, and it may or may not have been eaten straight from the casserole dish. And my jeans may or may not have screamed out in agony.

After all that cobbler it’s time to snuggle up on the couch with your sweetie.

That pretty much sums up the goings on at Casa de Yellow. We have been slacking on some of our chores, but certainly not on our enjoyment of summer.