Sleeping Beauty

You may remember my post entitled Bring on the Guests, which was about backyard guest houses. Boy, do I wish I had one of those right about now!  I’ve got some company coming in and have absolutely no where to put them but my tiny spare bedroom/office and living room on…wait for it… airbeds. Not exactly what I envisioned my future house guests sleeping on when I bought my house two years ago.

So while I’m taking a break from manically cleaning the house, I thought I would share some “guest bed” ideas that I’ve been considering for my teeny tiny spare room/office.  Here is a sleeper chair from JCPenney’s Home Store, it opens up to a twin size sleeper:

I like the idea of a small sleeper chair, but what if I have a couple visiting. They certainly won’t be comfortable in a twin size bed. Enter this little guy:

This guy opens up to a queen size sleeper, which would be perfect for a couple. But might be slightly too big for my teeny tiny spare room/office.   They have a full size version, that might be just what I’m looking for:

All of these options come with your choice of color and fabric, and they’re on clearance right now! Bonus!!

So, maybe after the drama of franticlly hiding clutter cleaning and organizing the yellow casa I will have the opportunity to go sleeper shopping. Maybe the next time I get a random email or phone call from a loved one, I won’t be in panic mode when they ask to stay the night.


Take a seat…

I have slowly been replacing my old college hand me down furniture with newer pieces that are more my style.  For instance my couch:

I purchased this beaut in January right after Christmas, on sale!! *Insert Happy Dance Here* I will have to do some sleuthing to find pics of the old couch for comparisons sake.  Let’s just say the old couch was holey and I don’t mean Holy in the God sense, but holey. The previous owners had dogs that enjoyed chewing on furniture. But at the time it was a great deal for a poor college kid, and they delivered!!

The new couch is leather with red undertones. I used to hate leather couches, until I got my Annie dog, then I realized why people buy leather couches. Muddy paw prints are so much easier to get off of a leather couch than say a twill one.

With the purchase of my new couch, it dawned on me how dingy the rest of my furniture looked. Which made me want to get out my bargain hunting gear and take off for the great wilds, of JCpenney Home store, American Home, and countless other hunting grounds. Then in the next second I realized that I would have to save to buy more furniture since I had just spent most of 2010’s furniture budget (yes, I have a furniture a budget) on my pretty new couch and gorgeous dining room set (even though, technically, I don’t have a dining room). Oh, I forgot to tell you about the dining room set. Well let me show you a picture:

I love it! In fact, the day after it’s arrival I invited my mom over to Chez April, so that we could use more than two chairs! That was very exciting, I even took pictures of everyone eating. I won’t share those, I think I’d be in trouble with both the momma and the sweetie then!

Yes, I have a red accent wall. Some would say they are cliche, and expected, but I love it. Especially since I see that wall when I am  sitting on my sweet new couch. It’s another element in my casa that makes me happy so it’s staying, trends or not.  Or until I get the painting bug again.

But the point of this post was to talk about living room chairs. The chair we have in our living room now, was generously given to us by a friend of a friend, whose grandma passed away. Very sad, but I was happy to help them out by taking some of the furniture they didn’t know what to do with.

In the picture at the beginning of this post,  I have it covered up with a drop cloth, because the upholstery is less than modern. But the chair itself is so snuggle worthy. Between myself, the sweetie and Annie dog, there is a constant battle over who gets to sit in it. This has me a little undecided if I should buy a completely new chair, or have this one re-upholstered.

Here are some new chairs I am considering:

The above chair is a recliner, but doesn’t look like those giant “man” recliners one would think of when recliner comes to mind.  I love that there are 20 different colors you can order it in. Choices so many choices!!!

This one I like too, you can order it in copper, coral, or merlot. I’m liking the merlot, because it’s got more texture than the others. Here it is in coral:

This chair I have been looking at for a long time. But I’m not sure how it would look in a yellow living room. I kind of wanted to go a little lighter in color with the chair, since the couch and curtains are so dark. This chair is also a recliner, I love chairs with pleasant surprises like that!

It’s hard to think about purchasing a chair that costs as much if not more than my couch. So, for now I will be on the hunt until some unsuspecting bargain catches my eye.

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Red, red, red, wine…

Actually, I’m not talking about red wine, or any wine for that matter. I’m talking about red doors.

Odd how the above door, doesn’t have a handle, but it works for a visual aide. My current front door is an old wood door, that should probably be replaced, since sometimes it brings light into my living room, even when it’s closed.

But I digress, I’m loving red doors right now, and I’d like to paint my front door red. I figure since our front door will probably be replaced soon, it would a be a good test subject. I’ve also thought about painting the security door red as well, but that might be too much of a commitment for me right now.

So on to colors, this first one is from Valspar National Trust for Historic Preservation. It’s called La Fonda Fireberry:

Isn’t it just so cheery! I love brights! That might be why I didn’t hesitate to buy my yellow shoebox.

Here is another color I’m considering, it’s called Fairmont Sweet Clay. This one is slightly more muted than the first:

For now I will leave it at two colors. This evening the sweetie and I plan on taking our Friday night pilgrimage to Lowes, so I’ll pick up some samples while I’m there, and of course drool over the fancy tubs and pretty kitchens.

I’ll leave you with some images of pretty red doors, and some links to some pretty cool sites.

Dream a little dream…

This past March I had the pleasure of visiting the 2010 HGTV dream home. Obviously, I was not the lucky fan to win it, but the generous people of HGTV opened the doors to visitors.  I thought I would share a few hundred pictures I took during my visit.

We start our tour in the kitchen:

They had this beautiful glass all over the house.  In fact the guest house was practically constructed of the stuff! An entire wall was covered in it!

Yes, the bathroom is SEE THROUGH! I don’t know if I would be comfortable doing my bathroom thing with someone else laying on the bed watching TV. But on the upside you wouldn’t miss anything while watching House Hunters.

Here’s a close up of the glass wall in the guest house:

Here’s a close up of the glass in the kitchen, this also gives you a better idea of how tall the ceilings were, that’s part of a window in the upper left corner:

Speaking of ceilings, I loved the lighting and the exposed wood beams:

The house wasn’t that dreamy to me, don’t get me wrong, I liked it. And if I had been the lucky viewer to win it, I would have enjoyed it ,until of course I had to sell it ,because who can afford $10k a year on TAXES?!  But there were a lot of small touches I liked that I might use in my house someday.

I liked the lines of this chair, not necessarily the upholstery, but the lines were interesting:

Here’s another chair, I loved the Hounds Tooth pattern, but I’m unsure of how comfy a chair would be without arms:

And the media room. It was quite interesting, they lined the room with cork to keep the noise down. What a great idea right? Wonder how it would look after the family cat gets a hold of it:

The other bedrooms and bathrooms weren’t that spectacular. Here are some accent shots I took in the children’s rooms, Jack and Jill bathroom, and the office:

I loved the faucet fixtures they used, I am looking at something similar for my bathroom. Someday the sweetie and I will agree on what fixtures should go up in the bathroom.

Here’s a bookshelf in the office. I loved how they had everything arranged. When my office gets set up maybe I will consider something like this:

And now my favorite part of the house, the master bath and closet! What’s so amazing about a closet you might ask. Well, this puppy was as big as my BEDROOM! If you live in a small house like I do, that’s pretty darn spectacular, and, all that storage is just dreamy.

This closet even had a window, but apparently I was so enamoured with the storage that I didn’t get a picture of it.

The bathroom was also quite dreamy:

I loved the tub, of  course I always love tubs. Especially since I don’t have one, the heart wants what it can’t have, I suppose.

The funniest part of visiting the dream home, was the pantry. Well, not the pantry itself, but the food they stocked it with.

Apparently, the people of HGTV think all New Mexicans eat is pinto beans, rice, menudo, and pickles! Granted we do eat a lot of beans and rice, but rarely do we pair it with Kosher Dills.

All in all, this was a lovely day spent with my beautiful mother. I didn’t really think the house was that dreamy, but it sure was fun getting to see it. Thanks HGTV for allowing your adoring fans a visit!

Update: Grass in the backyard!!

OK, maybe we don’t have an entire yard full of grass but we do have a small experimental patch. Last night the sweetie and I went to Home Depot hoping to get a garden hose reel, sod, and grass seed. Well, we couldn’t find the grass seed, and didn’t want to spend too much time in the garden center with Annie in the car waiting on us (no worries all the windows were down and we were in there less than 10 minutes).  So, we just settled for two of three items on our list: a hose reel (because a certain little Aussie Shepard mix enjoys eating hoses), and 10 sq ft of sod. So here’s what the test subject looked like before the experiment:

Here’s the test subject all dressed up in green:

And here’s the test subject wearing Annie dog:

Hey Mikey, she likes it! She was a happy little pooch laying on her new grass bed. We placed brick around the edges to keep Annie dog from eating the cow poo that was poking out from the sides. I never knew a dog to eat cow poo before, I guess she takes the whole Reduce, Reuse, Recycle thing to a whole new level.

Stay tuned for more grass updates!

It’s always greener…

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my front yard. Well, I’ve got some progress happening. My seeds are sprouting!!

Hopefully soon I will have some pretty flowers under my pinon tree and in my flower bed. Here are some shots of my bachelor buttons and some white flowers that came in a wildflower seed pack. I can’t believe they are  already starting to bloom.

If you remember correctly, my front yard is full of river rock.

Here’s a close up in case you can’t see the treacherousness…

They are great if you don’t want to water anything, and enjoy having a blazing hot yard.  I dislike them because I lose my balance on them, actually I’ve been known to trip over  my own feet, so I need a yard with a nice level surface. I would like to remove all the rock and replace it with something like this:

But in my version of this, most of the grass will be around the porch and take up half of the yard, with the red pea gravel more towards the street. For a desert friendly yet green yard.  Here’s a close up of the pea gravel:

I have the same red pea gravel in the backyard as well. However after the addition of a little someone.

The gravel has become more dirt than gravel. So, we are planning on planting a patch of grass in the backyard as well for our little Annie dog.  We shall see how it turns out. This evening we plan to head on over to the Home Depot to pick up some sod and grass seed to experiment with. I shall post the results!

The land of an unclouded day…

This weekend, I took a break from the casa. No painting, no patching walls, nothing home improvement or design related . Nope, I just chilled out with the sweetie and my Annie dog.  We did however go out and about to enjoy the sunshine. I took some pretty cool pictures of the sky yesterday. I love New Mexico skies! Especially right before we get a summer rain storm, or right before we get the promise of one. I swear mother nature loves playing psyche with us. Here we have clouds over the mall…

And here are the Sandia’s looking over Albuquerque…

And the crisp blue skies that we have 365 days a year in the Land of Enchantment.

Here are a few sunset shots I caught in my front yard last night.

Please ignore the power lines, I live in the middle of the city. Living conveniently so close to everything is great, but it’s not so great when you are trying to capture a great sunset.

And since we are talking about sunsets, thought I would throw in a shot I got a few months back on our way in from Las Cruces. These were taken right outside of Socorro. A little fuzzy, I had a hard time finding something to brace myself on.

Here’s how our skies typically look, very clear and very blue. This was taken in January in north Albuquerque.

I leave you with Willie Nelson’s rendition of the hymn, Unclouded day.

Unclouded Day

O they tell me of a home far beyond the skies,
O they tell me of a home far away;
O they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise,
O they tell me of an unclouded day.


O the land of cloudless day,
O the land of an unclouded day,
O they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise,
O they tell me of an unclouded day.

O they tell me of a home where my friends have gone,
O they tell me of that land far away,
Where the tree of life in eternal bloom
Sheds its fragrance through the unclouded day.


O they tell me of a King in His beauty there,
And they tell me that mine eyes shall behold
Where He sits on the throne that is whiter than snow,
In the city that is made of gold.


O they tell me that He smiles on His children there,
And His smile drives their sorrows all away;
And they tell me that no tears ever come again
In that lovely land of unclouded day.

A blue velvet bathroom…

Yup, my pretty lil bathroom went from ugly peach to pretty in blue. I decided to go with the Valspar National Trust For Historic Preservation  Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey Blue.  I had my doubts at first, it reminded of those country blue kitchens everyone seemed to have in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Bleh…

Here’s a little reminder of what the paint color looks like:

Believe me, it definitely looks better on my bathroom walls with nice brushed nickel fixtures than the kitchen above.  Here are some pics of what she looked like before the paint went up…

It’s hard to see how ugly that peach was, but it was nasty. Here’s another one…

Here you can see that the previous owners accented the awful peach with minty green. You can also see the cluttered state that my bathroom is usually in. I can honestly say after scrubbing and painting this bathroom, I am permantly cured of my addiction to Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream. Let’s just hope I never see any fuzzy bathroom walls painted in Pecan Praline!

Here are some pics of the newly installed vent. Here is the during, I’m terrible at taking before pics, so you’ll see more during and afters than befores. This is where the  reptile heat lamp resided. I swear this thing gave me nightmares.

And here is the blissful after. My pretty new vent/overhead light. I’m so proud of her.  It’s been two years trying to figure out how to cut a hole in the roof of my shoe box (the yellow casa). I’m so glad I finally decided to hire it out. I’m all about doing the DIY thing but there are just some things you should hire a professional to do. 

Ain’t she a beaut? I just can’t wait to get rid of the brown plastic that is currently lining my shower. I would love to put in some nice clean tile. Maybe something like this…

Here she is all painted up. She still needs some jewelry and some cute shoes, but don’t you love her pretty blue dress?

I’m still getting the hang of this blog thing, and this taking pretty pictures of my house thing. So you will have to bear my horrible taken-right-before-bed-so-all-the-pictures-are-dark habit for the time being. Below you will find the new shiney light switch and outlet covers I bought on sale at Target. Not bad for $3 and the package included two covers! SCORE!

I repainted the old bathroom mirror, which was formerly the same color as the ugly minty green trim. Now it’s a creamy Vanilla Bean color. I seem to be referring to paint colors in icecream terms, it might be an icecream for dinner night tonight.

I am currently on the hunt for a new mirror to place on my pretty new blue walls. I’m thinking something in a dark wood tone.

And hopefully soon we will be switching out the old vanity…

With something like this…

Here’s another shot to give you a better idea of what the color looks like. I will be putting pretties up on the wall soon. Stay tuned for more bathroom pics. She’s a work a progress.