Green Clovers Abound!

I am not one to proclaim my crafty skills from the rooftops, I’m not even one that really shares a lot of her crafting attempts.  It’s not that I don’t have “skill”, it’s that I get antsy, and want no need the project done. Projects with immediate results are my favorite!

I recently experimented with one of these immediate “results projects”. With it being St. Pat’s day, I thought I would share one of my classic crafty fails. A jolly green wreath…

I started out with a dollar store wreath spray painted white, some dollar store faux flowers, a wooden green clover I had on hand, and some left over ribbon from my sister’s wedding.

Here’s a during shot, quite a complicated process. I cut the cheap-o flowers short on their stem and just stuck them willy nilly into the wreath.

Then, I tied my clover to the wreath with some of my leftover ribbon.

And here she is on my front door…

A little dinky looking, and a little crooked, but full of that St. Paddy’s Day cheer!!

Maybe for Easter I’ll buy a wreath…