31 Days: Do the Shuffle

Today is the last day of 31 Days of Getting it Done. What did I get done the past 31 days? It certainly wasn’t 31 things, and I didn’t blog for 31 days straight. But I’m not going to be hard on myself, I got some small things done that have been bothering me in a big way. There are still a lot of things on my lengthy to-do list, and I’ll tackle them as time and energy levels permit, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. And today, I wanted to show you one last small project I was able to tackle before the end of this titillating and life changing series. (HAR-HAR)

Yup, I’m gonna bore with my cupboard arrangements. The cupboard pictured above is really the only cupboard that can hold our plates, bowls, cups and glasses. It’s not the only cupboard in the kitchen, but seems be the one that is most convenient for these items. So, this time I wasn’t moving everything, just the plastic storage tubs and some additional plates that have spent time shuffling around the kitchen.

The top shelf originally held extra plastic storage tubs and a rice cooker, I decided the rice cooker could find a home elsewhere since it’s not used that often and was taking up valuable real estate. By moving out the rice cooker, I freed up enough space to keep all of my plastics on the top shelf. Which allowed me more space on that second shelf for the shuffled plates and some new additions to my vintage glass collection.

Those green glasses have really gotten a lot of use since I brought them home last weekend. At 1.99 for a set of six, I’d say we’ve gotten our money’s worth. Plus, they look cute next the amber colored glasses don’t ya think?

Here’s the final product of my little dish shuffle.

It does my little OCD heart good to see all glassware and plastic items separated and in their own little homes. It also makes it blatantly obvious the over-abundance of plates and glasses I own. But I can’t get rid of them, what if I invite 500 of my best friends and family over for a dinner party some day?

Oh yeah, and today is Halloween, so happy trick-or-treating to all!


All Hallows Eve

Or three days after all hallows eve….

In our ‘hood we tend to get a lot of trick-or-treaters, it could drive one batty…

Forgive my 1/2 painted trim. It’s on the big to do list!

Doesn’t the shabby trim make it look even spookier? Maybe I won’t paint it just so our little casa and stay spook-tacular for next year!

The harvest pretties generally stay up from September till after Thanksgiving, so they are usually more substantial than poster board bats and fake cobwebs from last year.  But the bats go well with my wreath no?


Since Halloween is coming upon us on Sunday I thought I’d share some spooktacular ideas. They are all courtesy of Martha Stewart. If you would like to find more information about a certain project just click on the picture.

These jack-o-lanterns look so warm. I wish I had made the time to carve a couple this year.


I guess I’m really liking the jack-o-lantern this year. Maybe tonight I will pull out the ol’ carving knife and whip up a glowing beaut of my own!

Creeping up with the Jones’s

This year it seems that my neighborhood is celebrating that impending spooky holiday more so than in years past. Well, in the two years past since I’ve lived in the ‘hood. Anywho, while browsing through Better Homes and Gardens I came across some pretty spooky but sweet ideas to Halloween-ify my front porch. Maybe I’ll even venture out into the yard with the Halloween cheer! *GASP* As always, feel free to click on the picture to find out more information from the original source, bhg.com.

I’ll start off with my favorite idea they had to offer.Witches Parking!!! Who doesn’t feel like they deserve a broom to ride around on every once in a while?

I know I shared some spooky sillouhettes yesterday, but I like this idea so much more. It seems a bit easier than painting a shape on to a white curtain. And the good folks at Better Homes and Gardens are even giving away the templates for these cute shadows!

These ghosts look easy to make. With just a few cheap bed sheets and maybe some old broomsticks you could have a ghostly trio of your very own!

In the background of the above picture you can see a garage door all decked out for the most ghostly of holidays. They suggest using some 2in to3in black cloth tape to make these shapes. It could work, but I wonder what happens in it rains and the stick wheres off. Maybe they are just meant for one time use???

I really like the idea of these window webs, but after reading the instructions it seems a bit too complicated and time consuming for me. Anything requires straight pins is out of the questions for me. I always poke myself on those things. But I wonder if a couple of wooden dowels pained black and some black yarn wouldn’t do the trick?

It’s time to hit up the dollar store for some spooky supplies. We’ll see how my spooky crafting goes!

Spooky Crafts

Planning a wedding has become so much more time consuming than I could have ever imagined. So, needless to say (and I’ll say it anyways), my Halloween and Fall decorating ideas haven’t been done. I really don’t forsee them getting accomplished this year, but at least I can blog about my favorite crafts ideas this year and dream. So, thanks to Martha Stewart I’ve found some pretty cute craft ideas for Halloween. Feel free to click on the pictures to find out how to do these cute little projects for yourself.

These cute tin pumpkins are so sweet. With  just a few cans of left over paint, a hammer, and an awe, you’ve got some pretty AWEsome pumpkins. And the best part about these is that they can be used year after year. That is, if they don’t get lost in the garage.

This jar idea is cute, and I bet you  could even implement this idea for other holidays. For Christmas you could paint your jars red and green with cute little elf faces. At Valentines Day they could be red and pink, at Easter you could have happy pastel bunny jars.  And they don’t necessarily have to have faces. But I think those smiling faces are just too adorable not to use!

Good ol’ Martha Stewart called these “funkins”, and they could be fun to make. Glow in the dark powder and inexpensive fake but carveable pumpkins and a black light is all you really need to make these. Since this project sounds so easy and quick it might be something I could actually complete!

This project seems a bit time consuming for me, but I thought they were creepy yet understated. Which is what your Halloween decor should be right?

If you’re going to dress up for Halloween why not dress up your candles too? This little craft only requires some tissue paper, tape, an exacto knife, and of course a candle holder with a candle. I really like this idea, because for one it’s not permanent, and you won’t have to worry about storing a season specific item all year long.

These ideas definitely got my crafty wheels turning! If I try any of these projects I’ll be sure to post about it. But don’t keep your fingers crossed, the headless horseman might come and make chocolate bars out of them! MAHAHAW….

Black Roses

Everywhere you go you see the colors of fall, lots of brunt oranges, warm yellows, and firey reds. Which also means that Halloween is on it’s way! One of my favorite holidays by far, I’m really looking forward to getting the casa all decked out for the goulish holiday. Here are some great decorating projects I found courtesy of Country Living.

These pumpkins are darling aren’t they? They seem pretty simple to do too. Even someone like me who is all thumbs when it comes to crafts.

This little ghost is spooky, I’ve got enough mirrors around to make a whole family of scary ghosts.

What’s more spooky than black roses? A black wreath of course!

Well, I’m off to buy some spooky supplies to try these crafts out for myself!