Shoot Happy: Morning by Morning

Well, so far this blogging for 31 days straight thing hasn’t really worked out. Honestly, I kind of started out this month knowing 31 posts wouldn’t be happening within the confines of one month. But let’s play this week by week shall we? This past week, I had intended on posting a photo a day of a pretty floral with an inspirational scripture or quote, but the week passed me by and I didn’t get one post up. Maybe, it was the week long vacation that distracted me from the computer. Actually, I’ll take that sort of distraction anytime over normal stressful distractions. Even if my little blog must suffer from radio silence for a little while.

Anyways, this week I’ll be posting all those florals and pretty words I had lined up to share last week. And of course, all shots were taken with my trusty nifty fifty. Most of them were shot at sunset, that’s my favorite-est time of day, the lighting is so warm and casts an angelic glow on everything. I understand sunrises have the same impact, someday I’ll see one and maybe I’ll be awake enough to grab a few shots of it’s magical-ness.

Isaiah 504

Thankfully though, you don’t have to be a morning to person to experience the magical-ness (it’s a word, because I’m using it) to experience God’s magnificent will. We just have to open our hearts.


Dog Days of Summer: Freedom

Today in the great US of A we celebrate our independence. This is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by the brave men and women in the armed forces who have given of themselves for this great country of ours. Thank you for fighting for our freedom…


Nothing says freedom like the wind flapping through ones ears.

Seriously, though, thank you, to the men and women who have and are serving our country.

Happy Independence Day everyone!!

Duck, Duck, Goose

Well look at that, a Thrifting Thursday on a Thursday, what a concept!! Maybe I shouldn’t babble on too much, lest I get distracted and this becomes another edition of Thrifting Thursday on a Friday.

So, keeping the babble at a minimum today, let’s look at a couple of items I snatched up at Goodwill a while ago. Actually, it’s a set of items.

Duckhead bookends. They’re shiny, and animal heads, I couldn’t resist. With my growing owl collection, my sweet goose head, and now these guys, the house is turning down right fowl. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, that pun was just asking for it. Just like these lil duckheads were begging to come home with me. And yes, I know bookends belong at the end of say, a row of books, but I couldn’t relegate these guys to the messy abyss where all of my books reside. Most people would call this abyss a spare room, but not I! It’s the room where thrifted overabundance and already read and re-read literary items go to die, unless of course we have an overnight guest, then the panic sets in and the shuffling of hoard begins. But I don’t wanna talk about that, I’m already getting hives thinking about it.

Speaking of hoard, I’ve recently been hoarding wooden bowls and trays. I love the texture of them, and everyone of them is different.

Plus, they look really cute cluttering up my dining table and holding part of my owl hoard.

And my giant dough bowl, filled with apples and pumpkins. To make things feel all fall like and such. Is it working?

Speaking of fall and being thankful and keeping with my promise to talk about everyday thankfulness, I’m thankful for warm autumn weather and the memory of a summer sunset.

Weekend Happenings

Good Afternoon!! I trust everyone’s Monday has gone splendidly, and all have survived the beginning of another work week. Or looking forward to some time off if you are amongst those who don’t work a traditional 9-5 Monday-Friday. As with the past couple of Monday’s, I wanted to share a little recap of my weekend. I do this mainly for myself, it’s fun to look back on the weekend past, it also helps to ease myself back into the work week.

So, let’s start off with Friday shall we?

Every evening my Bubba and I walk the dogs, sometimes we take them somewhere new but most of the time we walk them through our neighborhood and eventually end up at “our” park.  It’s our park, simply because it’s close to the house, we have no ownership of it, nor do we have any sweet story to make it our park, it’s just where we walk our dogs. Anyways, Friday I happened to bring my camera with me and snapped a few shots.

It was a gorgeous sky the other night, if only I’d been on higher ground and above those electrical lines.

So, we were walking along, enjoying the sunset, making sure Annie didn’t eat yet another stray morsel of potentially deadly left over hamburger, when suddenly there was a couch.

Odd isn’t it? Actually, it’s not that odd considering there’s a yet another thrift store on the other side of that wall. But still, a couch in a park? Bubba was brave enough to venture over to it, apparently the couch is the base for someones camp. I guess an old couch makes a better crash pad than a box or the dirt.

Saturday morning brought good things, more specifically, it brought waffles with strawberries. Every Saturday morning, Bubba and I try to make a good breakfast and relax. Meaning we stay in our PJ’s until the neighbor stops by at 11:30am and apologizes for coming over so early. Yeah, that was embarrassing…

Then it’s time to hop in the shower and see what kind of trouble we can get into that day. Usually we hit up some thrift stores, since we basically live on thrift row. I’ll have to show you all the thrift stores that are within walking distance of my residence. It’s a dangerous place for this little thrifter to live, let me tell ya.

Sunday we didn’t do much, but battle ants….sooo many ants! I guess it’s that time of the year with the monsoon here and all. But goodness, one would think that one of the 5,683  non-toxic solutions I’ve tried would be toxic to the actual ants! I’ll have to show you the ant-y army currently invading my home. It’s frightening and disgusting all at the same time.

What did you do over the weekend? Discover random pieces of furniture in odd places? Battling your own ant-y army?

The land of an unclouded day…

This weekend, I took a break from the casa. No painting, no patching walls, nothing home improvement or design related . Nope, I just chilled out with the sweetie and my Annie dog.  We did however go out and about to enjoy the sunshine. I took some pretty cool pictures of the sky yesterday. I love New Mexico skies! Especially right before we get a summer rain storm, or right before we get the promise of one. I swear mother nature loves playing psyche with us. Here we have clouds over the mall…

And here are the Sandia’s looking over Albuquerque…

And the crisp blue skies that we have 365 days a year in the Land of Enchantment.

Here are a few sunset shots I caught in my front yard last night.

Please ignore the power lines, I live in the middle of the city. Living conveniently so close to everything is great, but it’s not so great when you are trying to capture a great sunset.

And since we are talking about sunsets, thought I would throw in a shot I got a few months back on our way in from Las Cruces. These were taken right outside of Socorro. A little fuzzy, I had a hard time finding something to brace myself on.

Here’s how our skies typically look, very clear and very blue. This was taken in January in north Albuquerque.

I leave you with Willie Nelson’s rendition of the hymn, Unclouded day.

Unclouded Day

O they tell me of a home far beyond the skies,
O they tell me of a home far away;
O they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise,
O they tell me of an unclouded day.


O the land of cloudless day,
O the land of an unclouded day,
O they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise,
O they tell me of an unclouded day.

O they tell me of a home where my friends have gone,
O they tell me of that land far away,
Where the tree of life in eternal bloom
Sheds its fragrance through the unclouded day.


O they tell me of a King in His beauty there,
And they tell me that mine eyes shall behold
Where He sits on the throne that is whiter than snow,
In the city that is made of gold.


O they tell me that He smiles on His children there,
And His smile drives their sorrows all away;
And they tell me that no tears ever come again
In that lovely land of unclouded day.