After a stressful day it’s always nice to unwind. We all have our own ways of relaxing, be it gardening, painting, or simply relaxing with friends. In our house, we head to the park. Being a dog mom (and yes, I can’t believe I’m calling myself that either), I’m always on the look out for a nice park to take a nice “sniff-n-stroll”. A couple days ago, we visited a new park and I happened to have my camera with me. The girls were patient enough to be my models, and gave me a few pointers on how to fully unwind from a busy day of cat chasing, rawhide chewing, and staring out the window.

Annie1. Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings.

drink2.  Stay hydrated.

annie13. Enjoy nature.

Ears4. Ponder…

goldie25. Again, keep an eye on your surroundings. Or evil cats that might be lurking near by.

Rest6. Finally, take time to sit in the grass,  and enjoy doing nothing.



Weekend Happenings

Good Afternoon!! I trust everyone’s Monday has gone splendidly, and all have survived the beginning of another work week. Or looking forward to some time off if you are amongst those who don’t work a traditional 9-5 Monday-Friday. As with the past couple of Monday’s, I wanted to share a little recap of my weekend. I do this mainly for myself, it’s fun to look back on the weekend past, it also helps to ease myself back into the work week.

So, let’s start off with Friday shall we?

Every evening my Bubba and I walk the dogs, sometimes we take them somewhere new but most of the time we walk them through our neighborhood and eventually end up at “our” park.  It’s our park, simply because it’s close to the house, we have no ownership of it, nor do we have any sweet story to make it our park, it’s just where we walk our dogs. Anyways, Friday I happened to bring my camera with me and snapped a few shots.

It was a gorgeous sky the other night, if only I’d been on higher ground and above those electrical lines.

So, we were walking along, enjoying the sunset, making sure Annie didn’t eat yet another stray morsel of potentially deadly left over hamburger, when suddenly there was a couch.

Odd isn’t it? Actually, it’s not that odd considering there’s a yet another thrift store on the other side of that wall. But still, a couch in a park? Bubba was brave enough to venture over to it, apparently the couch is the base for someones camp. I guess an old couch makes a better crash pad than a box or the dirt.

Saturday morning brought good things, more specifically, it brought waffles with strawberries. Every Saturday morning, Bubba and I try to make a good breakfast and relax. Meaning we stay in our PJ’s until the neighbor stops by at 11:30am and apologizes for coming over so early. Yeah, that was embarrassing…

Then it’s time to hop in the shower and see what kind of trouble we can get into that day. Usually we hit up some thrift stores, since we basically live on thrift row. I’ll have to show you all the thrift stores that are within walking distance of my residence. It’s a dangerous place for this little thrifter to live, let me tell ya.

Sunday we didn’t do much, but battle ants….sooo many ants! I guess it’s that time of the year with the monsoon here and all. But goodness, one would think that one of the 5,683  non-toxic solutions I’ve tried would be toxic to the actual ants! I’ll have to show you the ant-y army currently invading my home. It’s frightening and disgusting all at the same time.

What did you do over the weekend? Discover random pieces of furniture in odd places? Battling your own ant-y army?

A day at the park…

Ah yes, a nice brisk fall day at the park.

With Annie dog, so obediently waiting for her next command…

O.K, maybe not so obediently, since she ran off seconds after the above picture was taken to run and sniff.


What to her wondering nostrils do smell??!! But a nice pee spot ready to roll in!!! How unlady like of her…

Well, I’m off to find some leaves to roll around in…