Thrifting Thursday: Kooky Corner

Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is passed and we are already in a new year! You won’t believe the amount of photos I took over the holidays, which really shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the holidays are so jam packed full of fun and celebration. It’s no wonder I couldn’t carve out the time to put a quick post together during the Christmas break!  But never fear, I’ll share those once I can get myself settled down enough to edit the 978,368 photos I snapped over the past couple of weeks.

But the holidays are over, and things are returning back to normal again, and according to my calendar, it’s Thursday, and everyone knows what Thursday means around these parts right? Well, OK guess I’m the only one playing that game, so I’ll explain. Every Thursday and sometimes on Friday if I’m not feeling the bloggy vibe, I do a post centered around thrifting, I’ve titled these thrift centered posts that tend to occur on Thursdays, Thrifting Thursdays. Clever right?  This week, I thought it might be fun to talk about how I store all of my thrifted goodness. Actually, it’s not much storing as it is displaying. Alright, it’s really not displaying it’s more a piling of vintage goods.

redbookcaseThis little nook in my kitchen is where I’ve placed some of my favorite breakables. Actually, it’s not a nook so much as it is a strange random cabinet that is set off by itself in the corner of the kitchen. I call it the “buffet” makes things sound so much more posh. Anyway, it’s getting a little crowded, so it might be time to thin the herd so to speak. But for now, I’ll leave it as is, since I’m currently doing a small remodel in my bedroom, more to dish at a later post. But on to the oldies but the goodies. Most of these items have been blogged about in the past, so I won’t bore you too much with the details. I think it’s pretty obvious Bubba (the Hubba) and I enjoy vintage cookware and I’ve got a bit of an addiction to ceramic woodland creatures  as well as an obsession with milk glass vases.

vintagesquirelsandpshakerI tried to make things a little more Christmas-y here by adding some peppermints. They will probably be there till Valentine’s Day. But don’t my little girl and boy squirrel salt and pepper shakers look cute nestled in the minty goodness?


And what collection is complete without a bazillion owls? I’ve collected these from various thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales. My favorite is the Sandia Crest spoon rest, I think I blogged about him at some point in the past, but I can’t locate the post. And I’m too lazy to sift through all of my many owl posts.

vintagemilkglassbudvaseOh and speaking of fowl, the egg chickens got a little dose of peppermint as well. And see that lime green casserole dish? That’s something Bubba brought home a long time ago, it’s an Anchor Hocking/Fire King piece that gets used pretty often. Surprising considering it’s at the bottom of the pile.

All in all, I’d say this is my favorite little nook in the kitchen. Someday all of the breakables will be nestled in a nice china cabinet, but until that day comes a book shelf atop a weirdly placed piece of cabinetry will have to do.


Duck, Duck, Goose

Well look at that, a Thrifting Thursday on a Thursday, what a concept!! Maybe I shouldn’t babble on too much, lest I get distracted and this becomes another edition of Thrifting Thursday on a Friday.

So, keeping the babble at a minimum today, let’s look at a couple of items I snatched up at Goodwill a while ago. Actually, it’s a set of items.

Duckhead bookends. They’re shiny, and animal heads, I couldn’t resist. With my growing owl collection, my sweet goose head, and now these guys, the house is turning down right fowl. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, that pun was just asking for it. Just like these lil duckheads were begging to come home with me. And yes, I know bookends belong at the end of say, a row of books, but I couldn’t relegate these guys to the messy abyss where all of my books reside. Most people would call this abyss a spare room, but not I! It’s the room where thrifted overabundance and already read and re-read literary items go to die, unless of course we have an overnight guest, then the panic sets in and the shuffling of hoard begins. But I don’t wanna talk about that, I’m already getting hives thinking about it.

Speaking of hoard, I’ve recently been hoarding wooden bowls and trays. I love the texture of them, and everyone of them is different.

Plus, they look really cute cluttering up my dining table and holding part of my owl hoard.

And my giant dough bowl, filled with apples and pumpkins. To make things feel all fall like and such. Is it working?

Speaking of fall and being thankful and keeping with my promise to talk about everyday thankfulness, I’m thankful for warm autumn weather and the memory of a summer sunset.

Thrifting Thursday: Kooky-ness

Maybe I should rename this series Thrifting Thursdays-but-sometimes-on-Friday or whenever the heck I can muster enough words strung together to count as a post. Sorry for the absence this week, it’s been kind of a busy work week, which translates into less internet time when I have non-work time on my hands which translates into one random thrifting post at the end of the week. Anywho, to blow off steam I’ve recently been doing more window shopping at nearby thrift stores. Since, I have put myself on buying ban until I can sort through the pile of treasures I already have in my arsenal, I have been a good girl and haven’t added anything to my pile. Yay for me!!!

This past week I spied many interesting pieces:

Like this lizard, he was made of wood and signed. He’s not really my style but I was very impressed with the detail put into it. Look at the scales and his horn type things. I used to know what those were called back when I was going to grow up and be a zoologist.

I had to use much strength and will power not to bring this iced tea set home. It even came with matching tea spoons, although the spoons and the rack were plastic, so I can’t be sure of how stable this set would be. If only I didn’t already have a huge pile of breakables in my home.

Speaking of breakables, I found this adorable hedgehog, doesn’t he look so happy? I don’t know what I would have done with him, but for some reason I was drawn to his happy face.

Then there’s always the owl, this guy was pretty big, and a little scary, but I found him to be picture worthy. Maybe it was his snooty expression.

And I can’t forget his teapot friend.

Nor their kooky-eyed companion. This guy was really big, probably about 10 inches tall, but again I found him to be picture and blog worthy so here he is.

Have you seen anything cooky lately? Or have you put yourself on a buying ban???

Pigs and Owls! Oh my!

Going with the train of thought from an earlier post about finding happiness in the silly and obscure things. Even though, I’m not sure that I touched on that aspect of the post, I may have focused more on dogs eating rawhides. But anyway, here’s another post on all things weird, fun, and pride inducing : pigs ,owls, and Ole Glory. Not meaning any disrespect by putting our beautiful flag in the mix with a pig. Just to keep things clear here, we’re not talking about an actual bacon producing pig, but more the white ceramic animal head variety, I call him Sir Hamster the III.

As you can see I couldn’t be bothered with removing the 3.99 price tag before taking a shot of  his royal pigness. In fact, I haven’t been bothered to even hang him on the wall yet. When that happens I’ll be sure to share.

One of my not so recent acquisitions, a set of beautiful ironwood owls from my sweet uncle.

That little guy I already had, but he matched so well with the two big guys I just had to put them together to make an owl family. Thanks Unc. D for sending these guys my way!!

And finally, something that makes my heart swell with pride…

Our beautiful flag, it not only looks nice proudly rippling in the wind, but it also represents all those brave men and women that fight for our freedom everyday.

And with that I leave you with an obliatory dog picture, what post would be complete without one?


I love quirk, it’s my friend and constant companion. Quirk is preferable to some of my other companions like guilt, anger, and that other not so pleasant tag-a-long, jealousy and his friend covetousness. But quirk, quirk I embrace, quirk is the type of friend you call up to see the latest chick flick with. The buddy who still wants to hang out with you, even if you snort-laugh in public. Quirk is the fun friend, but  guilt always brings ya down, anger is just too unpleasant, jealousy is too judgy and that other acquaintance covetousness always wants what it can’t have and makes everyone miserable because of it.

Since I’ve been hanging out with quirk more often, I’ve become more aware of her presence around my home. Like my budding interest in owls:

Or my new favorite old things, pineapple bookends. When I brought these home Bubba thought they were…interesting…and…pokey. I am hoping that one day we will share a love of pineapple bookends.

Right now these lovlies are living on the living room coffee table, hanging out with my small vintage camera collection.

I couldn’t bear to put my pineapples in the front room where we keep all of our books. (A place I usually avoid, since I haven’t allowed quirk in that space.)  I just had to have them front and center, where I spend most of my time, in the living room, sadly, in front of the TV.

Alongwith my owls and pineapples I’ve noticed that quirk is showing herself in my other newest interest, globes. I love the colors, and it’s really nice to have visual aids when it comes to learning that Africa is not a country, but a continent.

This isn’t quirk, but she’s one of my other favorite and nearly constant companions:

(Never mind the floating head, I’m still experimenting with bokeh. And yes, the dog does match the carpet, many a night has she been stepped on in a sleepy stumble to the kitchen for a drink. )

Goldie dog tags along with me throughout all of my adventures, at least in the adventures where dogs are allowed.

Quirk is showing her face in the fact that I can’t bring myself to letting my Valentine Tulips bite the dust. I change their water and trim their stems every day. Obsessive Complusive? Or quirky?

Have you found quirk in your home recently? Is quirk something you want to keep around, or the friend you choose to ignore?

P.S. I’m linking up to a linky party hosted by the Nester, we are all celebrating our imperfections. Whether those imperfections be in the home, personal, or found in our quirkiness.  Click the banner below to be directed over to Nester’s celebration of imperfections.