Shoot Happy: Morning by Morning

Well, so far this blogging for 31 days straight thing hasn’t really worked out. Honestly, I kind of started out this month knowing 31 posts wouldn’t be happening within the confines of one month. But let’s play this week by week shall we? This past week, I had intended on posting a photo a day of a pretty floral with an inspirational scripture or quote, but the week passed me by and I didn’t get one post up. Maybe, it was the week long vacation that distracted me from the computer. Actually, I’ll take that sort of distraction anytime over normal stressful distractions. Even if my little blog must suffer from radio silence for a little while.

Anyways, this week I’ll be posting all those florals and pretty words I had lined up to share last week. And of course, all shots were taken with my trusty nifty fifty. Most of them were shot at sunset, that’s my favorite-est time of day, the lighting is so warm and casts an angelic glow on everything. I understand sunrises have the same impact, someday I’ll see one and maybe I’ll be awake enough to grab a few shots of it’s magical-ness.

Isaiah 504

Thankfully though, you don’t have to be a morning to person to experience the magical-ness (it’s a word, because I’m using it) to experience God’s magnificent will. We just have to open our hearts.


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