I love quirk, it’s my friend and constant companion. Quirk is preferable to some of my other companions like guilt, anger, and that other not so pleasant tag-a-long, jealousy and his friend covetousness. But quirk, quirk I embrace, quirk is the type of friend you call up to see the latest chick flick with. The buddy who still wants to hang out with you, even if you snort-laugh in public. Quirk is the fun friend, but  guilt always brings ya down, anger is just too unpleasant, jealousy is too judgy and that other acquaintance covetousness always wants what it can’t have and makes everyone miserable because of it.

Since I’ve been hanging out with quirk more often, I’ve become more aware of her presence around my home. Like my budding interest in owls:

Or my new favorite old things, pineapple bookends. When I brought these home Bubba thought they were…interesting…and…pokey. I am hoping that one day we will share a love of pineapple bookends.

Right now these lovlies are living on the living room coffee table, hanging out with my small vintage camera collection.

I couldn’t bear to put my pineapples in the front room where we keep all of our books. (A place I usually avoid, since I haven’t allowed quirk in that space.)  I just had to have them front and center, where I spend most of my time, in the living room, sadly, in front of the TV.

Alongwith my owls and pineapples I’ve noticed that quirk is showing herself in my other newest interest, globes. I love the colors, and it’s really nice to have visual aids when it comes to learning that Africa is not a country, but a continent.

This isn’t quirk, but she’s one of my other favorite and nearly constant companions:

(Never mind the floating head, I’m still experimenting with bokeh. And yes, the dog does match the carpet, many a night has she been stepped on in a sleepy stumble to the kitchen for a drink. )

Goldie dog tags along with me throughout all of my adventures, at least in the adventures where dogs are allowed.

Quirk is showing her face in the fact that I can’t bring myself to letting my Valentine Tulips bite the dust. I change their water and trim their stems every day. Obsessive Complusive? Or quirky?

Have you found quirk in your home recently? Is quirk something you want to keep around, or the friend you choose to ignore?

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Early Christmas

Thanks to my Bubba, Christmas came early for me this year,  when I came home yesterday and found this beauty under the tree:

A Brownie Target Six-16, not the most unusual or rare camera, but one that I am very proud to add to my vintage camera collection. Which seems to be growing larger and larger one camera at a time.

The Kodak on the far right I talked about in this post, but the Brownie in the middle is a fairly new acquistion that was added to my collection a couple months ago.

This one is a little worse for wear, with some rust damage, but I think it looks very nice with the other old shooters.

Don’t these photos look like mugshots? You’d think this poor camera had robbed a 7-11 or something!

Well, I’m off to clear a shelf for my new collection! It may be time to edit down some of the other “collections” I’ve got going on!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!