Pigs and Owls! Oh my!

Going with the train of thought from an earlier post about finding happiness in the silly and obscure things. Even though, I’m not sure that I touched on that aspect of the post, I may have focused more on dogs eating rawhides. But anyway, here’s another post on all things weird, fun, and pride inducing : pigs ,owls, and Ole Glory. Not meaning any disrespect by putting our beautiful flag in the mix with a pig. Just to keep things clear here, we’re not talking about an actual bacon producing pig, but more the white ceramic animal head variety, I call him Sir Hamster the III.

As you can see I couldn’t be bothered with removing the 3.99 price tag before taking a shot of  his royal pigness. In fact, I haven’t been bothered to even hang him on the wall yet. When that happens I’ll be sure to share.

One of my not so recent acquisitions, a set of beautiful ironwood owls from my sweet uncle.

That little guy I already had, but he matched so well with the two big guys I just had to put them together to make an owl family. Thanks Unc. D for sending these guys my way!!

And finally, something that makes my heart swell with pride…

Our beautiful flag, it not only looks nice proudly rippling in the wind, but it also represents all those brave men and women that fight for our freedom everyday.

And with that I leave you with an obliatory dog picture, what post would be complete without one?


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