Weekend Happenings: Randomness

Happy Tuesday all! I trust you all had a great weekend, and an easy Monday. On this Tuesday, I don’t have many words, but I have lots of pictures. So pull up a comfy chair pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea and enjoy.

This weekend, I realized I would never make it as a 50’s housewife. I took it upon myself to make Bubba his favorite fried eggs, everything went smoothly until I had to turn them over. It was at this point I turned the spatuala over to the cook of the house before more disaster ensued.

So, we often feed our dogs morsels from the table while we eat. Therefore, this one sees fit to beg at every meal. Does this make us bad pet parents? And does calling myself a pet parent make me crazy?

With that in mind, I spied this mug at a thrift store. This is the first side.

And this is the other side. For some reason it reminded me of Annie-Dog.

Which brings to mind this other thrifty find. I know this is how Annie feels about her kibbles, makes me feel a little guilty.

Then I remember the evening pulls I get taken on every evening.

I’d say the evening pulls are worth it though, since it makes my puppies tired. And I get to take cute doggie butt pictures afterwards.

And I get to spend time outside, while they all wait for me to take pictures of a weed.

This weekend I also got to spend time with my mom. Isn’t she pretty?

We went shopping for craft supplies while she was visiting. She’s starting a new hobby of quilting.

While I’ve taken on the hobby of crochet. I’ll talk more about it later, if I remember, no promises of consistency around here.

We ended the weekend at Goodwill, that is next door to a rug store with questionable architecture.

The sunset was breathtaking though.

What did you do this weekend?

Thrifting Thursday: Christmas Mouse

I know, it’s Friday and not Thursday, but I didn’t want to gip you out of this weekly gem. Since I have put myself on the great buying-of-old-stuff restriction of 2012, I won’t be showing any new loot, in fact I’ll be sharing some really really old loot today. As in, something I’ve had since childhood sort of loot, and I wouldn’t really call it loot, I would call it more of a token.

My mouse ornament, my sweet mom bought her for me when I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember going to a local craft store with my mom and big sister one year after Christmas. I carried this little ornament through the whole store, and incessantly begged my mom to buy it for me, there may have been a few tears shed and some pouting. In the end I had to leave her behind, maybe it was the tears and the pouting that prevented me from taking her home, or maybe it was the choice my mother had to make between buying another little trinket for her whining 4 year old or feeding her. Either way, I remember having to set my Christmas mouse back on the shelf and say goodbye (dramatic much?). 

One day, my mother surprised me with this little token, I don’t remember how all of it went down, but I do know that every year since  this little mouse was on our Christmas tree. And when I grew up, Mom gave me my little mouse to adorn my own Christmas tree, and every year since then she can been seen amongst the fake branches of my hypoallergenic tree. Until one year I was taking all the Christmas decorations down, but this one little mouse caught my eye. For some reason, I couldn’t bare to put her away with the other Christmas mementos, she needed to be out all year. I wanted to be able to look at her not only at Christmas time, but anytime even in the middle of September.

You see, this little mouse represents not only that one time when I was 4 and wanted something new, it represents the love my mom had/has for me. She went back to that store to surprise me with something she knew I didn’t need. It may have been something small, but at the time it was a sacrifice to buy extra things that we didn’t need. I realize that now as an adult, and can greater appreciate the sacrifices that were made for my benefit. As a kid I was just thrilled to have that mouse that I wanted, but now I cherish that mouse because of what it represents.

Are there things from your childhood that you’ve held onto, a token perhaps? Do they hold great memories?

Do they represent something special for you?

Thrifting Thursday: Shopping the Squeakel

Wow wee has this week gone by fast! It’s already Thrifting Thursday! I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the week and this is the first post on the ole blog this week. I owe you guys some posts, particularly a Weekend Happenings post. Since it was a nice long three day weekend, I have lots and lots of photos to share, aren’t you excited?? So stay tuned for that very informative and useful post.

 So, here we go, I need to mention I’m playing around with some artsy-ness and a watermark, so if they bother you let me know and I’ll go back to my plain jane editing.

This blonde buffet had me at 1/2 price, but alas, our casa is much too small for him. Can’t you imagine all of my treasured milk glass stored in this beauty though?

How about a shrimp on a stick? I don’t really care for shrimp, but I thought this set of appetizer plates were pretty adorable.

I love old chairs with an interesting shape.

Imagine them reupholstered in a more modern fabric, and refinished with a paint treatment or even just polishing up the original wood. Is it just me, or do you have a tinge of guilt about painting over perfectly good wood pieces? Don’t get me wrong, I love the way painted furniture looks, but something deep down inside me tells me that it’s wrong. Maybe it’s Bubba, who is adamantly opposed to painted furniture. I am too when it comes to a valuable antique, but when something is obviously not worth that much I still find myself hesitating.

On a lighter note, how about this monkey lamp? He wasn’t really my style, but he made me smile. Here’s a close up..

I guess he’s asking for more monkey chow.

What have you found recently? A shrimp on a plate? Maybe a monkey lamp? How do you feel about painted furniture

Thrifting Thursday: Something Smells Fowl

Yay, it’s Friday Eve!! And depending on where you are in the world ,you are either very near the end of Friday Eve or actually celebrating Friday. I am nearing the end of my Friday Eve and very much looking forward to the actual Friday, then finally the weekend. And not just any weekend a THREE day weekend. I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospect of spending an extra day eating waffles and avoiding chores.  Maybe I’ll throw some window shopping and dog walks into the mix, but I plan on laying low. Listen to me, it’s only Thursday or rather Friday Eve and I’m already talking about the weekend, guess whose already checked out for the work week!

Anywho, we’re supposed to be talking about thrifting aren’t we? Hence the title of this weekly series, Thrifting Thursday! So, here goes…

Since, I am trying to cut back on my junk buying, I spend a lot of time either avoiding stores that contain bounds of hidden vintage goodness, or trying with all my will to fight the urge to bring home yet another owl. This week, I have failed miserably in both respects.

See him there sitting unassumingly between yellow cow and an empty jar? So cute and small and again, unassuming. That’s how I talked myself into adopting him and bringing him home. One little teeny tiny owl couldn’t hurt, and he was gold, I don’t have a gold owl! Besides, I like golden yellow things, particularly yellow dogs that glow in the sun.

So, I failed at the whole not buying anything-thing, but it was not all for naught, we did find this cute lil chicken for my momma.

The top doesn’t match the bottom, but it’s close enough and my mom was thrilled (or at least feigned thrilled-ness). You know how mom’s are, “Oh, you bought it with your own money and picked it out all by yourself?! I love it and will treasure it forever!” Don’t ya just love mom’s?

With that sweet thought about mom’s, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your Friday Eve!

Thrifting Thursday: Shopping

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!!! And you all know what the eve of Friday brings us right? Yep, it’s time for our weekly installment of Thrifting Thursday!! I’ve been trying to cut back on the hoarding thrifting, but that doesn’t mean I’ve cut back on window shopping.

So, this week you’ll see some interesting finds I’ve found meandering around a few local thrift stores.

First up, is our local Humane Society Store Re:Tail (don’t you just love the little pun there?)

Who doesn’t love a Super Mom cup? Though, it’s not the most stylish piece it’s still pretty cute, especially if you have or are a super mom!

Speaking of mom’s, everytime I see a little chicken I think of my mother’s poultry riddled kitchen. This creamer caught my eye and I immediately thought of mom. Although, I don’t know that she would use a chicken creamer, besides, wouldn’t it be weird having milk come out of bird?

This amber colored glassware was cute, it would be really cute on a fall themed table.

Don’t ya just love these iridescent amber colored stemware? It would really fancy up a fall table, or any table for that matter.

They had four of these lights, they were huuuge. The lights hung down from the ceiling a good 6 ft, and were about 12 in in diameter. Much too big for my little casa. But they would look awesome in a larger home, perhaps in a kitchen with a vaulted ceiling?

I loved the legs on this coffee table, as well as, the two toned treatment. You wouldn’t have to use it as a coffee table, just reinforce this guy and he could be used in a mud room or a foyer as a bench.

Then we headed over to Savers, which sadly is located where the neighborhood grocery store used to be. Honestly, I would rather have the grocery store, what can I say my stomach speaks louder than my love of old stuff.

Alright, so I’m not doing so well at not buying those sweet little treasures I’ve been spying. I couldn’t leave this guy, he was too cute, and he was local! If you can’t read what’s inscribed on his chest, it’s “Sandia Crest Altitude 10, 668 Feet”  and “Albuquerque NM”. His perch reads:

Kitchen Prayer

Bless my little kitchen Lord

And those who enter in

May they find naught

But joy and peace

And happiness there in


My House

My house is small

No mansion for a millionare

But there is room for love

And there is room for friends

That’s all I care

He was 4.99, a little steep, but the hoarder in me couldn’t leave him behind.

Well, I better get this up before we get too far away from Thrifting Thursday as my clock reads 10 after midnight!! EEK!

Have you seen anything interesting in a thrift store recently? Bought anything really awesome?

Or did you have to wait outside while everyone else had all the fun?

Don’t worry, they weren’t out there for very long, and got to go to the park afterwards. I love that the weather is cooling down, we can bring the girls with us now. They enjoy looking pathetic while waiting.

Round but Petite: Painted Coffee Table

Have you ever had one of those projects you were so excited to get started on and completed, and surprisingly started it and completed it in the same month? And then gotten so excited about sharing the project with all of your loyal blog readers (Hi Mom!), in the same month the project was started and completed in? Yeah, I only got the first thing done. So here a year later, I shall share with you the saga of the round coffee table.

You see, I’d been looking for the perfect round yet petite coffee table to place in the petite but not round living room. I had been using an old Lane cedar chest to act as a coffee table, but with a dog that was oddly curious about the blonde veneer (she enjoyed the occasional lick) and sweating glasses of sweet tea it was time to find something a little more durable and less cherished. I toyed with the idea of using  the ever trendy ottoman in place of a coffee table, but that didn’t quite work out as planned, a tray does not provide enough hard surface for our needs. We spend a lot of time in the living because, well, that’s where the TV is, and where ever we spend time we are going to be doing little projects that require a hard surface. So, I knew we needed a true coffee table, one that could with stand sweating sweet tea glasses, and even tho I don’t like to think about it, dogs that enjoy tasting the furniture (“Sharona, wipe!” Don’t ya miss Monk?).

Last year around this time, I was perusing through our local Goodwill and came across this beauty for 9.99.

Needless to say, since she’s in my backyard, I was all over that deal like Goldie fur on black denim. But, the finish was a little too dark, as in the exact same color as my couch.


So, I needed a little contrast. Plus, I really wasn’t diggin’ the fake wood top and the scratched up legs.


I could have made it work, but honestly I just wanted to experiment with painted furniture. So, I read up on different techniques, I found that Centstational Girl has some good pointers on these types of things. You may know a lot more about this than I do or have another resource you found more helpful, but in my case her simple pointers were a life saver.

First, I decided that since the top of the table was super shiney, I would need to prime it before painting.

Then once the primer was dry, I painted my precious with Behr Premium Paint in Gardenia White semi-gloss. It’s a nice white, not too white, but not heavy in the blues or the pinks, it’s juuuust white. (Qwiet I’m hunting wabbit!) To keep from having those pesky roller or brush marks on this piece I used Floetrol. Essentially floetrol helps to sort of thin the paint, it makes for a slightly longer drying time but it’s worth it.

To apply the paint, I used a small trim brush for the sides and the legs, and a small sponge roller for the top. Nothing fancy, I know the experts say you should use good quality tools, but I’m too lazy to wash out brushes and rollers, so I pick mine up at the dollar store. Once I’m done painting, the brushes and rollers go away. Not exactly green, I know.

Anywho, I love how it turned out! Did I mention I finished this project in the fall?

Let’s just pretend I’m ahead of the game and this picture was taken more recently than a year ago.

Naw…I can’t lie,here’s how she looks now…

Here’s a closer view, also I just wanted to show off my yellow cow again.

The coffee table has held up pretty well over the past year, there are a few knicks and scratches. But that’s a given seeing as how much this table gets used, plus I didn’t bother to seal it with a latex paint sealant. I may repaint it, and  use that sealant to further protect from those knicks and scratches, and also to help with the stickiness. Latex paint has a little bit of a sticky feeling at first, so if you’re like me and can’t wait a few days for the paint to fully cure, a sealant would prevent decorative trays from sticking to your newly painted coffee table. Not that I’ve ever had to pry a decorative tray off of a newly painted coffee table…

Weekend Happenings

With the end of Monday near (Thank goodness! Survival was questionable there in the beginning.) I’ve been playing the weekends events over in my little head, it helps to escape the stress of coming back to work ya know.

Pardon my grainy phone pictures, I finally remembered to bring my camera, but lo and behold, the stinkin’ battery died on me. Between Bubba and I  we’ve got a handful of point and shoots and two SLR’s in our house, but did we bring a back-up camera? Nope. So, I had to resort to my camera phone, I was actually surprised at how well some of these came out.

Saturday didn’t entail too much aside from doing the normal weekend chores, but on Sunday we took a little drive out to Edgewood. It’s a little town about 40 minutes from Albuquerque, a nice little drive especially if you’re ready to see something new.

Like a pay phone, I hadn’t seen one of these in years! Since everyone has a cell phone now payphones aren’t very common. Or maybe I haven’t noticed them much, since I am part of the cell phone carting masses. But I was pretty excited to see this one and his buddy outside.

After admiring the historic pay phones and receiving odd looks from the locals we indulged in a road trip classic, dipped cones from

Dairy Queen.  Mine was butterscotch, much to the dismay of my jeans, thank goodness for spandex riddled denim!

After a nice fattening ice cream break it was time to see the sites:

That there’s a meadow, with the stinkin’ camera phone I couldn’t quite capture the colors and the “lifeness” of it all.

Also….there were sunflowers.

Then it started to rain, we took that as a sign it was time to head back home.

Our casa is just on the other side of that mountain. I love summer rain storms in New Mexico, they smell so fresh and the air has an energy to it. But notice that patch of blue sky? Yeah, I theorize that’s exactly where our house is, because it was bone dry when we got home. No glorious summer rain storm for us that day.

With it still being dry and hot at the house, we decided to take a little trip to a local thrift store, just for grins and giggles, we didn’t buy anything. I don’t want my own episode of Hoarders thankyouverymuch. Here’s what I found:

These embroidery hoops are great for wall hangings, just group a bunch of them together with a graphic fabric or even paint them a cool color for some drama.

Sorta like this scene from Apartment Therapy:

Something similar could be done with these guys to add a little more texture to a room. They are meant to be used as paper plate holders, but I think they would be awesome clustered together for a focal wall.

But I don’t think this guy really liked that idea, either that or he was ready to get out of the bag. He kinda scared me…

What happenings from the weekend have you been revisiting to get through this Monday? Is there ice cream? Or a scary tribesman staring back at you from a plastic bag?

Thrifting Thursday:Chair Twins

In this installment of Thrifting Thursday on a Friday(click here for the first thrift-centric post), I wanted to brag about a pair of handsome chairs I scored at my local Goodwill. I won’t lie, I purchased these chairs last summer, as in almost a year ago. And sadly, I have done nothing with them except shampoo the dickens out of them. But I have tried them “on” in just about every room in the house. I still have no idea where to put these beauts, maybe I just need to take the plunge and finally change them up into something I really love. Oh yeah, you probably want to see what I’ve been jabbering on about. Here are the twins:

Please ignore the dirty grey floors, these were taken in my sunroom which is patiently awaiting a makeover. Alongwith the rest of the house.

I love their shape, and their size, they are compact but big enough to hold a large-ish girl like myself. Granted, they aren’t the type of chairs you really want to curl up in and read War and Peace. They seem to have a slight whoopie cushion quality to them, but minus the rude sound. And were pretty dirty when I brought them home from Goodwill.


Yeah, that dark stuff on the back of the chair is not a shadow, it’s dirt. I suspect these guys lived in a garage for a while before finally being donated, or something died on them (eek). So, I pulled out my trusty shampooer and shampooed the daylights out of these little guys. Most of the dirt came out and they smell a lot better now. But after a year of holding on to these little chairs, I’m still not sure what I want to do with them. I originally wanted to paint or re-stain the exposed wood frame, and then reupholster them in a modern fabric. Sorta like this:

Source was Pinterest, which was originally pinned by another user from a Craigslist posting. Sorry, I tried to find a better and more linkable example but this one was too perfect.

The current upholstery is a floral velour that has seen better days, the print is pretty and I am sure the fabric was nice when it was new in 1971, but I’m still not sold on it. Since the current upholstery is kind of shedding and isn’t quite my cup of tea, I played around with some upholstery fabric I had laying around.

I love the boldness, but it may be too bold and too much of a statement to be able to be used in other rooms. I’ve got some white upholstery grade fabric that might work well, but with two dogs in the house that shed and get on the furniture, I’m a bit hesitant to use it. Any piece in my house needs to be able to take a beating, and tolerate two shedding dogs.

So after a year, I’m still stuck on what to do with these guys. Maybe they just aren’t my style at all, or maybe the whoopie cushion-ness of them makes them too uncomfortable for me to even want to keep them. But since they were so cheap, 9.99 each, the cheapskate in me doesn’t want to let them go. The Nester preaches against having fear when it comes to decorating or even re-doing furniture. Afterall, she states that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Oh, how right she is, maybe I will finally take the plunge and do something creative with my chair twins.

What would you do if you had these chair twins in your possession? Would you reupholster them? Paint them? Or simply clean them up and enjoy their vintage quality?

Thrifting Thursday

In my last post I talked about the happenings of the weekend and shared this photo:

With today being Thursday, which sort of rhymes with thrifting, I thought I’d finally share with you, my vintage loving trash to treasure making friends, my thrifting bounty. I have toyed with the idea of making this a weekly series, in which I’d share all the great treasures I’ve found and added to my hoard or have simply found blog worthy. This series will be titled Thrifting Thursdays, original right? I’m sure there aren’t a zillion blogs out there with that exact blog series.

Anywho, for those of you who are unaware of what thrifting is, here is a definition according to Wikipedia:

Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price.

Now that we have established that I enjoy buying items at a cheap price,  let’s move on to the eye candy shall we?

First off, I’ll talk about the newest additions to my owl hoard.

These little owls were a bit of splurge. The matching set was sold as separate pieces, at $3 each that brings the total investment to $9. But I just couldn’t leave them, that coffee owl makes me very happy, his wing holds a spoon. I think I will let him hold my peppermint tea bags, and just add a cute little spoon for fun. The salt and pepper shakers will probably be just for looks. Alongwith all the other S/P shakers I bought and have no idea what to do with. And those three owl trivets, they were .69 each. And I’ll actually use them! Nothing makes me happier than buying something cute and useful!! And that little owl there in front of the big guys, he’s a momento from someone’s vacation to New Orleans. I have no connection to New Orleans, nor have I ever visited, but he was just so darn cute, and only .99. It may be time to seek help for this owl addiction.

I also picked up these pretty amber tumblers, I loved the texture of them. And they aren’t huge, just right for a glass of lemonade. You might notice what those tumblers are sitting in…

A rustic dough bowl, I know it sort of looks odd, but they can be dressed up to be totally awesome. Stay tuned on a post dedicated to making dough bowls pretty, aren’t you excited?

This particular dough bowl is basically a hallowed out log, unless I’m completely wrong in calling this item a dough bowl and it’s actually meant to be used as a latrine, in which case I may need to remove it from my dining table. Either way, I love it, especially for 3.99!

This pretty little blue cake plate is also part of my hoard now, I thought it would be nice the next time I bring brownies to the office.

And I can use these cute nesting goose measuring cups when I do make those brownies. After they’ve been cleaned up of course.

My most favorite items found this weekend are these quirky necklaces. I wore the lion the other day. He’s huge at 3 inches long and nearly that wide, definitely a statement piece.

People either hated it or loved it, I love it.

Here I am awkwardly modeling the bow necklace. Excuse the quality, I attempted a self portrait with poor lighting and shaky hands. Next time I’ll have to use a tripod and a remote. But you get the idea of what this little bow is supposed to look like.

  Goodness, I need to slow down on the old stuff shopping or get a bigger house, because honestly I’m running out of room for all of my pretties.

Have you bought or “shopped” for anything on the side of the road that turned out really awesome?

Scenes from the weekend

At the end of this Monday, I thought I’d unwind a bit by re-living some scenes from the weekend.

All of my weekends include thrifting, apparently it’s become a big part of my life. What once was something I indulged in once a month has become a once week occurance, sometimes more. I should never have introduced my Bubba to this addictive past time, he’s become much more into it that I ever was. Although, you’d think I was the thrifting nut judging by my newest hoard. I’ll tell you more about some of those finds in a later post. Or when the crew of Hoarders comes to pay me a visit.

Aside from indulging in some thrifting we also indulged in some fried goods, without a political agenda. Mmmmm….msg.

The dogs savored the fat and grease laden leftovers…also without a political agenda.

Then I ended the weekend with a quiet Sunday afternoon….

While Annie-dog creepily watched…

What did you do this weekend?