Thrifting Thursday:Thrfriday

So, another Thrifting Thursday on a Friday, at least it’s only one day late. And it’s finally Friday!!!! *Enter Happy Snoopy Dance Here*

With the end of the week, comes time to talk about thrifting. Lately, I’ve been showing some restraint when it comes to buying everything in sight, but this week I couldn’t help myself.

This little guy was too perfect to pass up, and was 25% off, so that brought the “adoption fee” down to 75 cents from a whopping 99 cents. I know, such a big spender right? Anyways, since I’m a nite owl myself, this little possible sugar bowl(?) was just too cute to leave on the shelf for someone else. I have always been a notorious night owl, even as a baby! My parents have told me stories of staying up all night trying to rock me to sleep but to no avail, I just wanted to be awake. Some things never change I guess, even nowadays, with a morning job, I often have to force myself to go to bed by 1AM. Mornings, though, yeah, those are almost painful, and I’m ALWAYS late for work. So glad I have a boss that’s sweet enough not to kick my butt into the unemployment line from my frequent tardiness.

So, back to the bowl, I couldn’t resist his charms, the owly-goodness of it, and the handmade-ness, and who could resist those blue flowers? Yes, I’m making up words, but it’s my blog and if I want to make up words I’m allowed. Besides, it’s Friday, all goes on a Friday right?

Indeed, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Or rather, one mans discarded craft is another woman’s treasured piece of owl hoard.

So tell me, are you a night owl or one of those annoying cheerful early birds that steal all worms from us night owls?

Thrifting Thursday: Something Smells Fowl

Yay, it’s Friday Eve!! And depending on where you are in the world ,you are either very near the end of Friday Eve or actually celebrating Friday. I am nearing the end of my Friday Eve and very much looking forward to the actual Friday, then finally the weekend. And not just any weekend a THREE day weekend. I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospect of spending an extra day eating waffles and avoiding chores.  Maybe I’ll throw some window shopping and dog walks into the mix, but I plan on laying low. Listen to me, it’s only Thursday or rather Friday Eve and I’m already talking about the weekend, guess whose already checked out for the work week!

Anywho, we’re supposed to be talking about thrifting aren’t we? Hence the title of this weekly series, Thrifting Thursday! So, here goes…

Since, I am trying to cut back on my junk buying, I spend a lot of time either avoiding stores that contain bounds of hidden vintage goodness, or trying with all my will to fight the urge to bring home yet another owl. This week, I have failed miserably in both respects.

See him there sitting unassumingly between yellow cow and an empty jar? So cute and small and again, unassuming. That’s how I talked myself into adopting him and bringing him home. One little teeny tiny owl couldn’t hurt, and he was gold, I don’t have a gold owl! Besides, I like golden yellow things, particularly yellow dogs that glow in the sun.

So, I failed at the whole not buying anything-thing, but it was not all for naught, we did find this cute lil chicken for my momma.

The top doesn’t match the bottom, but it’s close enough and my mom was thrilled (or at least feigned thrilled-ness). You know how mom’s are, “Oh, you bought it with your own money and picked it out all by yourself?! I love it and will treasure it forever!” Don’t ya just love mom’s?

With that sweet thought about mom’s, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your Friday Eve!