Thrifting Thursday: Shopping the Squeakel

Wow wee has this week gone by fast! It’s already Thrifting Thursday! I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the week and this is the first post on the ole blog this week. I owe you guys some posts, particularly a Weekend Happenings post. Since it was a nice long three day weekend, I have lots and lots of photos to share, aren’t you excited?? So stay tuned for that very informative and useful post.

 So, here we go, I need to mention I’m playing around with some artsy-ness and a watermark, so if they bother you let me know and I’ll go back to my plain jane editing.

This blonde buffet had me at 1/2 price, but alas, our casa is much too small for him. Can’t you imagine all of my treasured milk glass stored in this beauty though?

How about a shrimp on a stick? I don’t really care for shrimp, but I thought this set of appetizer plates were pretty adorable.

I love old chairs with an interesting shape.

Imagine them reupholstered in a more modern fabric, and refinished with a paint treatment or even just polishing up the original wood. Is it just me, or do you have a tinge of guilt about painting over perfectly good wood pieces? Don’t get me wrong, I love the way painted furniture looks, but something deep down inside me tells me that it’s wrong. Maybe it’s Bubba, who is adamantly opposed to painted furniture. I am too when it comes to a valuable antique, but when something is obviously not worth that much I still find myself hesitating.

On a lighter note, how about this monkey lamp? He wasn’t really my style, but he made me smile. Here’s a close up..

I guess he’s asking for more monkey chow.

What have you found recently? A shrimp on a plate? Maybe a monkey lamp? How do you feel about painted furniture


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