Thrifting Thursday: Shopping the Squeakel

Wow wee has this week gone by fast! It’s already Thrifting Thursday! I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the week and this is the first post on the ole blog this week. I owe you guys some posts, particularly a Weekend Happenings post. Since it was a nice long three day weekend, I have lots and lots of photos to share, aren’t you excited?? So stay tuned for that very informative and useful post.

┬áSo, here we go, I need to mention I’m playing around with some artsy-ness and a watermark, so if they bother you let me know and I’ll go back to my plain jane editing.

This blonde buffet had me at 1/2 price, but alas, our casa is much too small for him. Can’t you imagine all of my treasured milk glass stored in this beauty though?

How about a shrimp on a stick? I don’t really care for shrimp, but I thought this set of appetizer plates were pretty adorable.

I love old chairs with an interesting shape.

Imagine them reupholstered in a more modern fabric, and refinished with a paint treatment or even just polishing up the original wood. Is it just me, or do you have a tinge of guilt about painting over perfectly good wood pieces? Don’t get me wrong, I love the way painted furniture looks, but something deep down inside me tells me that it’s wrong. Maybe it’s Bubba, who is adamantly opposed to painted furniture. I am too when it comes to a valuable antique, but when something is obviously not worth that much I still find myself hesitating.

On a lighter note, how about this monkey lamp? He wasn’t really my style, but he made me smile. Here’s a close up..

I guess he’s asking for more monkey chow.

What have you found recently? A shrimp on a plate? Maybe a monkey lamp? How do you feel about painted furniture


Thrifting Thursday:Chair Twins

In this installment of Thrifting Thursday on a Friday(click here for the first thrift-centric post), I wanted to brag about a pair of handsome chairs I scored at my local Goodwill. I won’t lie, I purchased these chairs last summer, as in almost a year ago. And sadly, I have done nothing with them except shampoo the dickens out of them. But I have tried them “on” in just about every room in the house. I still have no idea where to put these beauts, maybe I just need to take the plunge and finally change them up into something I really love. Oh yeah, you probably want to see what I’ve been jabbering on about. Here are the twins:

Please ignore the dirty grey floors, these were taken in my sunroom which is patiently awaiting a makeover. Alongwith the rest of the house.

I love their shape, and their size, they are compact but big enough to hold a large-ish girl like myself. Granted, they aren’t the type of chairs you really want to curl up in and read War and Peace. They seem to have a slight whoopie cushion quality to them, but minus the rude sound. And were pretty dirty when I brought them home from Goodwill.


Yeah, that dark stuff on the back of the chair is not a shadow, it’s dirt. I suspect these guys lived in a garage for a while before finally being donated, or something died on them (eek). So, I pulled out my trusty shampooer and shampooed the daylights out of these little guys. Most of the dirt came out and they smell a lot better now. But after a year of holding on to these little chairs, I’m still not sure what I want to do with them. I originally wanted to paint or re-stain the exposed wood frame, and then reupholster them in a modern fabric. Sorta like this:

Source was Pinterest, which was originally pinned by another user from a Craigslist posting. Sorry, I tried to find a better and more linkable example but this one was too perfect.

The current upholstery is a floral velour that has seen better days, the print is pretty and I am sure the fabric was nice when it was new in 1971, but I’m still not sold on it. Since the current upholstery is kind of shedding and isn’t quite my cup of tea, I played around with some upholstery fabric I had laying around.

I love the boldness, but it may be too bold and too much of a statement to be able to be used in other rooms. I’ve got some white upholstery grade fabric that might work well, but with two dogs in the house that shed and get on the furniture, I’m a bit hesitant to use it. Any piece in my house needs to be able to take a beating, and tolerate two shedding dogs.

So after a year, I’m still stuck on what to do with these guys. Maybe they just aren’t my style at all, or maybe the whoopie cushion-ness of them makes them too uncomfortable for me to even want to keep them. But since they were so cheap, 9.99 each, the cheapskate in me doesn’t want to let them go. The Nester preaches against having fear when it comes to decorating or even re-doing furniture. Afterall, she states that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Oh, how right she is, maybe I will finally take the plunge and do something creative with my chair twins.

What would you do if you had these chair twins in your possession? Would you reupholster them? Paint them? Or simply clean them up and enjoy their vintage quality?