31 Days: Owls and Monkey Trays

Friday already, aren’t we just chuggin’ along? I still can’t believe we are half way through the month of October, it won’t be long before Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the radar. Ya know, if you aren’t a major department store, in which case Halloween and Christmas have been going on since July. Apparently, Thanksgiving doesn’t exist within retail, I guess those dancing turkey leg hats aren’t a big seller.

Anywho, I thought it was time to pop in super quick before yet another day got away from me. This 31 Day series is seriously turning into another inconsistent venture for me. But darnit, I’m gonna get 31 posts up, they may not happen in 31 consecutive days but there will be 31 Days of Getting it Done. You just wait and see, take that inconsistency!!

Again, anywho, I’ve been busy doing small-ish projects around the house, and when I say small, I mean very small, like things that really aren’t considered a project. Kinda like switching out trays for my owl display.

And yes, I have collected enough owls now to warrant a “display” of them.

And this isn’t even all of my cherished owls, these are just the little guys. Here’s what I had before the tray switch:

Most of my owls in one spot, but the space was too small to accommodate such a large and wide-eyed lot. Actually, after looking at these photos and taking a mental inventory, I’ve come to the realization that my collection is growing, but my house is not. Maybe, I really should stick with my no-buying-of-old-stuff rule, and avoid the knick-knack section of my favorite thrift stores when I go window shopping.

But back to the titilating tale of tray talk, the smaller tray allows more room for a drink and is a lot easier to dust. Plus, this little wood tray brings in a much warmer texture, and it’s hand made.

I’ve recently broken my no-buying-of-old-stuff rule when it comes to really nice wood pieces like this. I know, collections are growing but the house is not, but  I loved the wood grain, and it don’s a hand numbered sticker on the back.

I don’t know if it means anything to have a hand signed sticker, but it seemed sorta special to me, so I decided it was worth the $3 and the space it would take up in my home.  Plus,how could I pass something up made from Monkey Pod Wood. I have no idea what that is but it makes me smile, because “monkey” is in the name. Weird I know, but it’s worth it since my little owls seems happy on their new perch, I mean tray.

New around here? Have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention a 31 Days series? Well, click here to read all about it, and to start reading the series from the beginning.


Thrifting Thursday: Shopping

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!!! And you all know what the eve of Friday brings us right? Yep, it’s time for our weekly installment of Thrifting Thursday!! I’ve been trying to cut back on the hoarding thrifting, but that doesn’t mean I’ve cut back on window shopping.

So, this week you’ll see some interesting finds I’ve found meandering around a few local thrift stores.

First up, is our local Humane Society Store Re:Tail (don’t you just love the little pun there?)

Who doesn’t love a Super Mom cup? Though, it’s not the most stylish piece it’s still pretty cute, especially if you have or are a super mom!

Speaking of mom’s, everytime I see a little chicken I think of my mother’s poultry riddled kitchen. This creamer caught my eye and I immediately thought of mom. Although, I don’t know that she would use a chicken creamer, besides, wouldn’t it be weird having milk come out of bird?

This amber colored glassware was cute, it would be really cute on a fall themed table.

Don’t ya just love these iridescent amber colored stemware? It would really fancy up a fall table, or any table for that matter.

They had four of these lights, they were huuuge. The lights hung down from the ceiling a good 6 ft, and were about 12 in in diameter. Much too big for my little casa. But they would look awesome in a larger home, perhaps in a kitchen with a vaulted ceiling?

I loved the legs on this coffee table, as well as, the two toned treatment. You wouldn’t have to use it as a coffee table, just reinforce this guy and he could be used in a mud room or a foyer as a bench.

Then we headed over to Savers, which sadly is located where the neighborhood grocery store used to be. Honestly, I would rather have the grocery store, what can I say my stomach speaks louder than my love of old stuff.

Alright, so I’m not doing so well at not buying those sweet little treasures I’ve been spying. I couldn’t leave this guy, he was too cute, and he was local! If you can’t read what’s inscribed on his chest, it’s “Sandia Crest Altitude 10, 668 Feet”  and “Albuquerque NM”. His perch reads:

Kitchen Prayer

Bless my little kitchen Lord

And those who enter in

May they find naught

But joy and peace

And happiness there in


My House

My house is small

No mansion for a millionare

But there is room for love

And there is room for friends

That’s all I care

He was 4.99, a little steep, but the hoarder in me couldn’t leave him behind.

Well, I better get this up before we get too far away from Thrifting Thursday as my clock reads 10 after midnight!! EEK!

Have you seen anything interesting in a thrift store recently? Bought anything really awesome?

Or did you have to wait outside while everyone else had all the fun?

Don’t worry, they weren’t out there for very long, and got to go to the park afterwards. I love that the weather is cooling down, we can bring the girls with us now. They enjoy looking pathetic while waiting.

Thrifting Thursday

In my last post I talked about the happenings of the weekend and shared this photo:

With today being Thursday, which sort of rhymes with thrifting, I thought I’d finally share with you, my vintage loving trash to treasure making friends, my thrifting bounty. I have toyed with the idea of making this a weekly series, in which I’d share all the great treasures I’ve found and added to my hoard or have simply found blog worthy. This series will be titled Thrifting Thursdays, original right? I’m sure there aren’t a zillion blogs out there with that exact blog series.

Anywho, for those of you who are unaware of what thrifting is, here is a definition according to Wikipedia:

Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price.

Now that we have established that I enjoy buying items at a cheap price,  let’s move on to the eye candy shall we?

First off, I’ll talk about the newest additions to my owl hoard.

These little owls were a bit of splurge. The matching set was sold as separate pieces, at $3 each that brings the total investment to $9. But I just couldn’t leave them, that coffee owl makes me very happy, his wing holds a spoon. I think I will let him hold my peppermint tea bags, and just add a cute little spoon for fun. The salt and pepper shakers will probably be just for looks. Alongwith all the other S/P shakers I bought and have no idea what to do with. And those three owl trivets, they were .69 each. And I’ll actually use them! Nothing makes me happier than buying something cute and useful!! And that little owl there in front of the big guys, he’s a momento from someone’s vacation to New Orleans. I have no connection to New Orleans, nor have I ever visited, but he was just so darn cute, and only .99. It may be time to seek help for this owl addiction.

I also picked up these pretty amber tumblers, I loved the texture of them. And they aren’t huge, just right for a glass of lemonade. You might notice what those tumblers are sitting in…

A rustic dough bowl, I know it sort of looks odd, but they can be dressed up to be totally awesome. Stay tuned on a post dedicated to making dough bowls pretty, aren’t you excited?

This particular dough bowl is basically a hallowed out log, unless I’m completely wrong in calling this item a dough bowl and it’s actually meant to be used as a latrine, in which case I may need to remove it from my dining table. Either way, I love it, especially for 3.99!

This pretty little blue cake plate is also part of my hoard now, I thought it would be nice the next time I bring brownies to the office.

And I can use these cute nesting goose measuring cups when I do make those brownies. After they’ve been cleaned up of course.

My most favorite items found this weekend are these quirky necklaces. I wore the lion the other day. He’s huge at 3 inches long and nearly that wide, definitely a statement piece.

People either hated it or loved it, I love it.

Here I am awkwardly modeling the bow necklace. Excuse the quality, I attempted a self portrait with poor lighting and shaky hands. Next time I’ll have to use a tripod and a remote. But you get the idea of what this little bow is supposed to look like.

  Goodness, I need to slow down on the old stuff shopping or get a bigger house, because honestly I’m running out of room for all of my pretties.

Have you bought or “shopped” for anything on the side of the road that turned out really awesome?