Creeping up with the Jones’s

This year it seems that my neighborhood is celebrating that impending spooky holiday more so than in years past. Well, in the two years past since I’ve lived in the ‘hood. Anywho, while browsing through Better Homes and Gardens I came across some pretty spooky but sweet ideas to Halloween-ify my front porch. Maybe I’ll even venture out into the yard with the Halloween cheer! *GASP* As always, feel free to click on the picture to find out more information from the original source,

I’ll start off with my favorite idea they had to offer.Witches Parking!!! Who doesn’t feel like they deserve a broom to ride around on every once in a while?

I know I shared some spooky sillouhettes yesterday, but I like this idea so much more. It seems a bit easier than painting a shape on to a white curtain. And the good folks at Better Homes and Gardens are even giving away the templates for these cute shadows!

These ghosts look easy to make. With just a few cheap bed sheets and maybe some old broomsticks you could have a ghostly trio of your very own!

In the background of the above picture you can see a garage door all decked out for the most ghostly of holidays. They suggest using some 2in to3in black cloth tape to make these shapes. It could work, but I wonder what happens in it rains and the stick wheres off. Maybe they are just meant for one time use???

I really like the idea of these window webs, but after reading the instructions it seems a bit too complicated and time consuming for me. Anything requires straight pins is out of the questions for me. I always poke myself on those things. But I wonder if a couple of wooden dowels pained black and some black yarn wouldn’t do the trick?

It’s time to hit up the dollar store for some spooky supplies. We’ll see how my spooky crafting goes!