Shoot Happy: Plans



So many plans, I have so many plans, for my home, for my work, for my relationships, for my life in general. I worry about my plans panning out, I spend countless hours planning my plans, and I spend many more hours wallowing in the disappointment of my plans that have seemingly failed. But then, the Lord gently reminds me, that it is His plans that prevail, He knows best.  Those plans that I’ve spent so much time worrying about, don’t matter in the big picture. I just need to focus on the Lord’s purpose, and pray that His plans become my plans. And those failed plans, I can’t waste my “heart” space on them, because they might just lead to an even greater plan that is not my own.  After all, God does have my heart copy righted, all rights are reserved to Him,


4 thoughts on “Shoot Happy: Plans

  1. My guiding verse is Jeremiah 29:11. Only HE knows our plans and they are for us to prosper and for a hope and a future – amazing, but why is it so hard to rest in that sometimes and try to control it? Great post.

    • Love that verse! I wish I knew why we always feel the need to control our paths. All we really have to do is sit back and wait for the Lord to guide us. Thanks for stopping by, glad my post could be a blessing!

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