Stages of Rawhide Enjoyment

So, an unannounced two week blogging hiatus is not cool, I know and I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date on useless news and the happenings of the dogs (which I’m sure you all sorely missed) from here on out. It occurred to me the other day that when I started this blog over two years ago, I didn’t start this blog to jabber on about useless (yet highly entertaining) pet stories or to share my latest junkin’ find (of which I recently have much to share) I started this blog to talk about the updates and improvements made to my little house. Recently, there haven’t been many of those updates, mainly because I’ve been too busy sitting on my bum watching the Olympics (it counts as exercise if I’m watching someone else push their body to the limit right?). But while pondering the reason why I started this blog, I came to appreciate what she has turned into. It’s a blog that I enjoy writing, yeah the jokes may only make sense to me and at times my mom might be the only one who reads my jabbering, but this blog is my happy place and if I want to share pictures of my dogs enjoying their most happy things in their happy place (that sounded dirty sorry) then that’s what I’ll blog about. So speaking of dogs, here is a series of my brats enjoying one of their most happy things in world, a rawhide. I know, it’s not exciting, but darn it, it’s my blog and if I want to share copious amounts of photos of my dogs eating a rawhide then that’s what I’m gonna do. Sit back and enjoy…


First Stage, choose the rawhide that is juuuussst right.

Second stage, find the perfect place for optimal rawhide enjoyment.

Ignore the unfinished floors, I do.

Stage three, make funny faces while chewing rawhide.

Stage four, all done, more please?

Yeah, more?

What have you been finding enjoyment out of lately? Silly pictures of a beloved pet? Finding treasures at your local thrift store?

A rawhide perhaps?


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