Constant Prayer

Today’s daily God time comes from a devotional series I’ve been reading through, with writings from Ruth Harms Calkin, accompanied by a piece of great scripture. Or should I say, her writings accompany the scripture. If you haven’t heard of her, definitely check her out. She’s got some awesome insights into the awesomeness of our Lord. The piece I intend on sharing with you today is actually from October 5th, but it still applies even if it’s not on the right day.

The Reason

Lord, we both know

I come to You




Day after day

Need after need

As if everything

In my entire life

Depended upon it.

There’s a reason, Lord-

It does.

And the verse that was given as a reference is found in Pslams 146:5-6 (KJV):

“Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help; whose hope is in the Lord his God. Which made Heaven and earth,  the sea and all that therein is; which keepth truth forever.”

How often do we pray? Do we pray consistently, constantly, as is mentioned in Romans 12:12 “Be constant in prayer…”. And do we pray as if everything in our entire life depended upon prayer? It’s definitely something to think about. Because prayer shouldn’t be something that we feel needs to be done, so we can just go down our list of requests and leave it at that without realizing that we are speaking to the Lord. To the Creator of the entire universe. So, prayer shouldn’t be something that we use as our personal “blessing wish list”, it should be a time spent with God. A time that we realize that our life really does depend on prayer, that nothing can be done unless we give it over to the Lord. It should be done, day after day, boldly, persistently, and expectantly. But we cannot forget why prayer is essential to that closer walk with Him, we are praying to speak with our Savior. How wonderful is that? That we can talk to our Savior, that He is waiting to hear from us?! That He wants us to ask for His hand in the situations we cannot handle, And to thank Him for the abundant blessings that are all around us.


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