Big News at the Yellow Casa…

It’s finally happened folks, I received a gift from the sweetie that’s been a long time coming. No it wasn’t a drill, I got that for Christmas back in 2007, which by the way is one of my favorite presents. (Maybe someday I will learn how to use it.) But, I received  one of these!

Well, actually I recieved it in August, and it’s taken me this long to get the nerve up to mention it on internet land. But if you guessed it was an engagement ring, you were right! The sweets and I have finally decided to make it legal  after 7 (!) years!! Don’t bother asking what date we’ve set, because we’ve set and changed our date countless times already. But we are shooting for this November. Yes, we are aware that’s next month. But it shouldn’t be that hard to plan a wedding, right?? Anywho, aside from the aniexty and the constant nail biting, I am very excited about this next step. And I can’t wait to be a wife to the man I’ve loved for so long.




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