Shopping Saturday

Yeah, I know it’s actually Monday. But I want to share with you the treasures I found during my Saturday shopping trip. Plus it gives me a good excuse to re-live the shopping high and take my mind off of the fact that it’s Monday!

Well, all that shopping made everyone so tired, we definitely shopped till we dropped. Even Annie Dog partook in the dropping!

Anyhoo, Saturday I went shopping as I frequently do on weekends. Just ask my debit card. The poor thing has burn marks from being swiped so often! Well, this weekend was no different from any other, but  I ended up scoring some awesome treasures. First up, a pretty vase I found at Hobby Lobby:

I probably should have removed the stickers from the apples before shooting this picture, but I guess that’s just keepin’ it real!  Actually, I ended up with two of these pretty vases, and will probably use them as center pieces in an upcoming event. By the way this event I am referring to is my wedding. Calling it an event seems to be a lot less stress inducing than calling it a wedding! So, after the “event”, I can use these pretty vases for so many different uses. At Christmas time I can put some pretty glass balls in them, at Valentines Day something pretty pink and red, at Easter time some sweet looking wooden eggs. The possibilities are endless.

And then we went to Big Lots. That’s where I spent the most, but I found the coolest little treasures!

These little candles are about the size of a shot glass, from what I’ve heard. I don’t have any personal experience with a shot glass. But, these candles came a dozen to a pack for $7 bucks. You can’t beat that, less than a buck a pop! And here they are all lit up:

And here’s Annie giving me the evil eye for taking pictures of candles instead of her:

Then we have my Corelle Hearthstone plates. I loved them because they had a nice heavy weight to them and they were yellow! I just couldn’t pass them up, especially at $3  a plate! I picked up 4 of them, so,  for a grand total of $12 I now have some pretty plates to set out for my fall meals. Aren’t they the perfect color for it?! They are yellow on top and black on the bottom. The yellow keeps them cheery enough to use on a summer table too.

I usually do a lot of window shopping during my weekend treasure hunting trips, but this week I just couldn’t resist. Don’t you think these treasures were worthy of residing in  casa de yellow?


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