Don’t get your feathers ruffled…

As I feather my nest, I love to see how others are feathering theirs. So, I am constantly looking through shelter mags, design blogs, and home and garden websites. There’s just a wealth of knowledge and inspiration out there. Especially when it comes to bedrooms! I’ve been thinking of  re-doing my bedroom into something that is more functional and relaxing than the mess it is at the moment. I say “re-do” what I really mean is “do” because I haven’t really done anything with my bedroom since painting it a couple years ago. I’m hoping to catch some inspiration from some of these beauties:

When you think about it, your bedroom is the first and last thing you see when you start and end your day. It should be a place that calms and relaxes, and serves as a place to escape the days stress. With that said, I’m off to make my bedroom into a place that relieves stress instead of a place that causes it! Happy feathering!

All images courtesy of Country Living.


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