Sleeping Beauty

I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. And I’ve been super lazy about blogging lately. Not because I have nothing to blog, because I just simply can’t sit down and do it. Not right now, not with all the other important things to get done

You see, Bubba and I have decided to throw a party this summer…at our house…that is currently painted with 20 kazillion paint samples, and dare I say, so cluttered it could almost end up on Hoarders. This party would celebrate our marriage (because at the actual wedding we didn’t really have a party, and only included immediate family), and as a very belated house warming party (I’ve lived in the yellow casa for nearly 3 years now). So, needless to say, there’s a lot of work to get done between now and this coming summer. And I’m hoping I will have a lot more completed projects to blog about. Let’s just say, I’m a great starter but a horrible finisher!

To decompress from all the stress and frustration, I’ve been looking at pretty rooms on House Beautiful. Particularly bedrooms, our bedroom is less than relaxing. The Bubba and I definitely have our work cut out for us in that room.  So, I am definitely in need of some inspiration.

Have a great weekend!!

All photos courtesy of House Beautiful, and are linked to the HB site.


Don’t get your feathers ruffled…

As I feather my nest, I love to see how others are feathering theirs. So, I am constantly looking through shelter mags, design blogs, and home and garden websites. There’s just a wealth of knowledge and inspiration out there. Especially when it comes to bedrooms! I’ve been thinking of  re-doing my bedroom into something that is more functional and relaxing than the mess it is at the moment. I say “re-do” what I really mean is “do” because I haven’t really done anything with my bedroom since painting it a couple years ago. I’m hoping to catch some inspiration from some of these beauties:

When you think about it, your bedroom is the first and last thing you see when you start and end your day. It should be a place that calms and relaxes, and serves as a place to escape the days stress. With that said, I’m off to make my bedroom into a place that relieves stress instead of a place that causes it! Happy feathering!

All images courtesy of Country Living.

Feeling squeezed

Last night, as I struggled to get around my bedroom to change the sheets on my bed, I got to thinking about storage solutions for small spaces. Particularly, small bedrooms. I am unsure of the exact deminsions of my bedroom, but I do know that with a queen sized bed, and two small dressers in there I really don’t have a lot of space left over to work with. I purchased bed raisers in hopes that I would follow through, and actually use them, but alas, that has not yet happened.  But once,  I finally do get off my lazy blogging bum and do it that should provide some great space to store out of season clothing items.

However, I’ll still have to find a place to store shoes, in season clothes, accessories (because a girl must have her twenty gazilion vintage broaches and leaf pendents.) So, it got me to thinking about unique yet attractive storage solutions.

Here’s an idea I found on the HGTV website, the homeowners used shelving to create storage and visual interest. I have something similar in my junk room office. Except the version I have is a bit more industrial.

Image Courtesy of HGTV

Here’s another thing I’ve been really excited about, but not followed through with. I bought several really cool vintage looking mirrors at an estate sale a few weeks ago, and still haven’t put them up. Partly because I don’t know where to hang them, and mostly because I’m just a lazy blogging fool. I’m hoping this picture inspires me to hang my cute little mirrors.

Image Courtesy of HGTV

This one, I loved the idea, but I know it would never work for me. Since my house is so small none of the walls are thick enough for something like this. But a pretty picture none the less. Thanks to the writers of HGTV for providing such pretty pictures and great ideas.

Image Courtesy of HGTV