The Salt Garden

I know in my last post I was all gung-ho about cleaning my closet and organizing my clothes, shoes, and of course my 185, 467 accessories.  But instead, Saturday, I shopped with my mother, which is always fun! Who doesn’t enjoy spending 4 hours at Lowe’s? And I’m being sincere, I really did enjoy my 4 hours exploring the wonders of Lowe’s! Then Sunday rolled around, I woke up ready to tackle my closet and finally put an end to the ever so frustrating drama of finding that certain pair of pants or that perfect shirt. But I took at look at my nightstand and found this:

I started reading “The Salt Garden”, in January over a quick weekend trip the sweetie and I took down to Corpus Christi, Texas. A nice warm weekend at the beach, ended up being a blistering cold weekend spent indoors bundled up and wishing we were back home in our nice dry climate.  But it did give me a chance to start a good read. However, the trip wasn’t quite long enough for me to finish it. So, when we got home, I laid it on my night stand by my bed with every intention of finishing it. There it sat, from late January until Sunday when I picked it up and started  procrastinating reading. And couldn’t put it down.

It’s one of those books you buy, and think it’ll be a nice light read, but not something you’ll get into. I was mistaken, when I started reading it back in January it started out slow, which is probably why I didn’t pick it up again until this past weekend.

This Christian novel tells the story of two women in a small town that was deeply changed by a shipwreck that occurred some 80 years prior to the present time in the book. Here’s the plot, according to the authors website:

Claire O’Rourke is a San Francisco reporter recently returned to her small hometown of Harper’s Bay for a short visit, but a contrived plot device leaves her back home for good and looking for work at The Tidal Post, a local newspaper. Her path soon intersects with that of Sophia Fleming, a 70-something reclusive author whom Claire has admired since childhood. When a salt-damaged book washes ashore, some long-buried secrets are illuminated through the journal entries of Josephine Vanderook, a passenger on an ill-fated ship.

It’s got mystery, intrigue, romance, adventure, and more importantly, it speaks of the wonders of God. And how His hand is in all that we do, even the things that don’t make sense to us at the time.

If you would like more information about this author or other works by Ms. Martinusen please visit her site.

The comments above are purely mine, and mine alone, I have not been paid to promote the author or any of her works. I enjoyed reading this book, and simply wanted to share the joy!


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