An organized closet is a happy closet…

Every evening when I’m planning my outfit for the next day, (because during the work week I must plan ahead, goodness knows I don’t have the time to do it in the morning), frustration ensues with the mangled mess of clothing I have piled in my bedroom. And goodness, finding a pair of shoes to wear is even worse! I find one shoe, but not it’s mate. I know I buy them in pairs, but how do they get separated once I bring them home?

So this weekend, my goal is to clean and organize my closet. It may end up being harder than I expect, so I might end up doing something less frustrating, like finally getting to that bathroom ceiling. But to inspire myself, I’ve found some helpful hints from the good folks of Better Homes and Gardens.

In the closet above, they utilized wicker baskets to store out of season clothing, canvas bins to stash work-out gear or other smelly or otherwise yucky clothing, think painting clothes. And it looks like they’ve installed stackable storage cubbies, to put all the smaller “foldable” wear. They also suggest that small divided containers be used to store jewelry and all those other accessories that a girl just can’t live without. This would so solve my dilemma when it comes to finding a matching pair of earrings. Like shoes, my earrings tend to go their separate ways once coming home.

Here is a similar adjustable closet organizer from Target:

For $300 buck-a-roos you too could have a nice organized closet. And if you’re on a tighter budget, here’s a cheaper option, at a less worrisome price of $79 , again from Target:

Well, I’m off to start organizing and plan my trip to Target!!


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