Dream a little dream…

This past March I had the pleasure of visiting the 2010 HGTV dream home. Obviously, I was not the lucky fan to win it, but the generous people of HGTV opened the doors to visitors.  I thought I would share a few hundred pictures I took during my visit.

We start our tour in the kitchen:

They had this beautiful glass all over the house.  In fact the guest house was practically constructed of the stuff! An entire wall was covered in it!

Yes, the bathroom is SEE THROUGH! I don’t know if I would be comfortable doing my bathroom thing with someone else laying on the bed watching TV. But on the upside you wouldn’t miss anything while watching House Hunters.

Here’s a close up of the glass wall in the guest house:

Here’s a close up of the glass in the kitchen, this also gives you a better idea of how tall the ceilings were, that’s part of a window in the upper left corner:

Speaking of ceilings, I loved the lighting and the exposed wood beams:

The house wasn’t that dreamy to me, don’t get me wrong, I liked it. And if I had been the lucky viewer to win it, I would have enjoyed it ,until of course I had to sell it ,because who can afford $10k a year on TAXES?!  But there were a lot of small touches I liked that I might use in my house someday.

I liked the lines of this chair, not necessarily the upholstery, but the lines were interesting:

Here’s another chair, I loved the Hounds Tooth pattern, but I’m unsure of how comfy a chair would be without arms:

And the media room. It was quite interesting, they lined the room with cork to keep the noise down. What a great idea right? Wonder how it would look after the family cat gets a hold of it:

The other bedrooms and bathrooms weren’t that spectacular. Here are some accent shots I took in the children’s rooms, Jack and Jill bathroom, and the office:

I loved the faucet fixtures they used, I am looking at something similar for my bathroom. Someday the sweetie and I will agree on what fixtures should go up in the bathroom.

Here’s a bookshelf in the office. I loved how they had everything arranged. When my office gets set up maybe I will consider something like this:

And now my favorite part of the house, the master bath and closet! What’s so amazing about a closet you might ask. Well, this puppy was as big as my BEDROOM! If you live in a small house like I do, that’s pretty darn spectacular, and, all that storage is just dreamy.

This closet even had a window, but apparently I was so enamoured with the storage that I didn’t get a picture of it.

The bathroom was also quite dreamy:

I loved the tub, of  course I always love tubs. Especially since I don’t have one, the heart wants what it can’t have, I suppose.

The funniest part of visiting the dream home, was the pantry. Well, not the pantry itself, but the food they stocked it with.

Apparently, the people of HGTV think all New Mexicans eat is pinto beans, rice, menudo, and pickles! Granted we do eat a lot of beans and rice, but rarely do we pair it with Kosher Dills.

All in all, this was a lovely day spent with my beautiful mother. I didn’t really think the house was that dreamy, but it sure was fun getting to see it. Thanks HGTV for allowing your adoring fans a visit!


5 thoughts on “Dream a little dream…

  1. Wow! I stumbled across your blog and I your pictures from the HGTV Dream House. I heard about this house on tv, and would have loved to tour it! Lucky you!

    • I’m so glad you found my little blog! Yes, the dream house was very cool to tour, and the people were so nice. Hopefully soon they will have one near you so you’ll get to tour a dream house!


  2. April,
    I just finished reading your blog. It was delightful. You did a very good job and have made a great deal of progress.
    I enjoyed your many pictures and your witty comments. Keep up the good work.

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