Sleeping Beauty

You may remember my post entitled Bring on the Guests, which was about backyard guest houses. Boy, do I wish I had one of those right about now!  I’ve got some company coming in and have absolutely no where to put them but my tiny spare bedroom/office and living room on…wait for it… airbeds. Not exactly what I envisioned my future house guests sleeping on when I bought my house two years ago.

So while I’m taking a break from manically cleaning the house, I thought I would share some “guest bed” ideas that I’ve been considering for my teeny tiny spare room/office.  Here is a sleeper chair from JCPenney’s Home Store, it opens up to a twin size sleeper:

I like the idea of a small sleeper chair, but what if I have a couple visiting. They certainly won’t be comfortable in a twin size bed. Enter this little guy:

This guy opens up to a queen size sleeper, which would be perfect for a couple. But might be slightly too big for my teeny tiny spare room/office.   They have a full size version, that might be just what I’m looking for:

All of these options come with your choice of color and fabric, and they’re on clearance right now! Bonus!!

So, maybe after the drama of franticlly hiding clutter cleaning and organizing the yellow casa I will have the opportunity to go sleeper shopping. Maybe the next time I get a random email or phone call from a loved one, I won’t be in panic mode when they ask to stay the night.


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