Thrifting Thursday:Thrfriday

So, another Thrifting Thursday on a Friday, at least it’s only one day late. And it’s finally Friday!!!! *Enter Happy Snoopy Dance Here*

With the end of the week, comes time to talk about thrifting. Lately, I’ve been showing some restraint when it comes to buying everything in sight, but this week I couldn’t help myself.

This little guy was too perfect to pass up, and was 25% off, so that brought the “adoption fee” down to 75 cents from a whopping 99 cents. I know, such a big spender right? Anyways, since I’m a nite owl myself, this little possible sugar bowl(?) was just too cute to leave on the shelf for someone else. I have always been a notorious night owl, even as a baby! My parents have told me stories of staying up all night trying to rock me to sleep but to no avail, I just wanted to be awake. Some things never change I guess, even nowadays, with a morning job, I often have to force myself to go to bed by 1AM. Mornings, though, yeah, those are almost painful, and I’m ALWAYS late for work. So glad I have a boss that’s sweet enough not to kick my butt into the unemployment line from my frequent tardiness.

So, back to the bowl, I couldn’t resist his charms, the owly-goodness of it, and the handmade-ness, and who could resist those blue flowers? Yes, I’m making up words, but it’s my blog and if I want to make up words I’m allowed. Besides, it’s Friday, all goes on a Friday right?

Indeed, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Or rather, one mans discarded craft is another woman’s treasured piece of owl hoard.

So tell me, are you a night owl or one of those annoying cheerful early birds that steal all worms from us night owls?


5 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday:Thrfriday

      • Fortunately, I have both a little sleep needs – work best late evening and early morning – and I work independently with deadlines that make that I can organize all my own way (almost) … 😉

        Love to relax in the middle of the day maybe at a cafe with a cup of coffee and chat with both “friends and enemies”… 😉

    • Cool, maybe we can start up a linky party for our Thrifting Thursdays. I don’t really know how they work, but I am sure it could be figured out. And thanks, I am enjoying my lil owl sugar bowl. He holds my earrings perfectly 🙂

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