31 Days: Clearance Plants Part 2

Remember my first Getting it Done post, I talked about purchasing some clearance plants? I planted a few of them in my front yard.

And was about to plant the others in my backyard when, I decided to do a little more research on my new green friends.

And found that they were poisonous to dogs if consumed, that is. Considering my little chewers would likely be munching on my new green friends, I had planned on returning the rest of the clearance plants.

Then I thought about all the other potentially poisonous plants that had been  lovingly chewed on and ultimately destroyed, most of which I inherited when I bought the house. (The plants not the chewing, the chewing came with the arrival of the dogs.) Let’s see, what has been on the toxic menu over the years, there was the Cherry Tree, the Spanish Broom, the Rosemary, which if you look closely in the pictures to follow you’ll see the remnants of. All of these were eaten over a year ago, without any odd reactions. The brat dogs haven’t really seemed that interested in the vegetation in the yard lately so I am hoping they have outgrown this phase. With those hopes in mind, I decided to keep the remaining clearance plants. So, I buried, I mean planted them a couple weekends ago. So far, they are still there, with all branches and leaves remaining undisturbed and uneaten.

Don’t you think they really set off my cinder block wall? Really makes the place seem less prison like doesn’t it? Actually, I’m pretty proud of my fortress (you can read more about that here.), it provides us with lots of privacy, and it keeps the prisoners at bay.

The planting of the shrubs went pretty smoothly, there were no unfortunate water line surprises 3 inches below the surface or anything. I see that as a huge success. Plus, I’m super proud of the three huge holes I dug.

Don’t you love how the dirt and surrounding background is in perfect focus, but the shovel and hole have a lovely bokeh? Apparently, digging a big hole then having to make a nice picture is just too much for this little gardener.

All three shrubs are Privets, I can’t remember the variety of the Privet that lived a year in the big white bucket as his tag fell off during the winter.

The other two are Golden Vicary Privets. All three should get to be 8 to 10ft tall and 8 ft wide, that is if they can survive a dry New Mexican winter. I hear they are pretty hardy, so I have high hopes, and look forward to a nice green and leafy looking wall in a several years. And healthy doggies, let’s hope they can keep their paws off the green stuff.

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Green and Spring all over

March to me means, green and lots of it. Maybe it’s that certain holiday that requires most of us to wear green lest we suffer the pinchie consequences, or it could be all the green that’s popping up in the emergence of last years dafodlis and iris bulbs.

Or the FRUITING Mulberry tree in the backyard. Yup, fruiting, which means we have mushy mulberries littering our walkways during the summer months. Yummy but messy.

The rose bush is sorta coming back, I hope the ole girl didn’t completely freeze over the frigid winter.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some green grass to show you, but if you are interested, tales of our grass growing saga can be found here and here. Here’s Bubba sowing the seed…

Is that a sprout?

By the way we have the little fence up to keep the brat dogs out of our grass experiment. It’s not working…

Here’s to hoping for lots more green in the coming months!!

P.S. I am linking up the the monthly color story over at Pancakes and French Fries. This month the color was shades of yellow, but I cheated and decided to switch April and March (I’m a rebel like that!). Now, here at my casa/blog March will be emerald and April will be yellow. Sorry Jules, hope you forgive me!

Perfect Imperfection…

This is what I’ve been coming home to the past few evenings, but in much better focus.

Goldie’s  ginormous “condo” and various doggie entertainment spread throughout the living areas.

Not to mention the dust brought in from our furry friends…

Can you believe I dusted everything the night before?

Oh yeah, and being the bad “pet parents” that we are, Bubba and I allow Annie on the furniture. A decision I have regretted many times over…

Dust-gusting isn’t it? (Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun). All the leather cleaner in the world cannot keep that couch clean. I should know, within the past week I’ve cleaned it 4 times, and it’s only Thursday!

The coming home routine has turned into a cycle: dust the dogs, dust the house, dust me. We go through about 4 baby wipes per dog every night, not to mention the leather cleaner and dust rags I’ve been having to use nightly.

But enough of my whining, all this dusting has made me realize we need to make some changes in the backyard to keep the dust settled. Right now we have a “xeroscaped” backyard. Meaning we’ve got dirt and rocks, and what used to be trees and bushes.

Our yard before the new windows and before the dogs. Sometimes I miss those days, when the yard was ours, and there were plants to enjoy. But I digress.

Some changes need to be made to the yard to maintain my sanity and keep my allergies in check.  First, some sort of ground covering to keep the dust levels down. Maybe woodchips, maybe some sweet smelling mulch (I love the way good dirt smells), maybe a little of both. And of course, I’ve got to find a spot to put Goldie’s pad. As much as I love being greeted by two wagging tails when I come home, I really don’t love seeing a huge kennel.

We’ll see what transpires this weekend. But in the mean time, all I can do is enjoy my dusty, imperfect home. And remember, that all the imperfections is what makes my house my home. (Aww…how corny, someone should sew that on a pillow.)