Green and Spring all over

March to me means, green and lots of it. Maybe it’s that certain holiday that requires most of us to wear green lest we suffer the pinchie consequences, or it could be all the green that’s popping up in the emergence of last years dafodlis and iris bulbs.

Or the FRUITING Mulberry tree in the backyard. Yup, fruiting, which means we have mushy mulberries littering our walkways during the summer months. Yummy but messy.

The rose bush is sorta coming back, I hope the ole girl didn’t completely freeze over the frigid winter.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some green grass to show you, but if you are interested, tales of our grass growing saga can be found here and here. Here’s Bubba sowing the seed…

Is that a sprout?

By the way we have the little fence up to keep the brat dogs out of our grass experiment. It’s not working…

Here’s to hoping for lots more green in the coming months!!

P.S. I am linking up the the monthly color story over at Pancakes and French Fries. This month the color was shades of yellow, but I cheated and decided to switch April and March (I’m a rebel like that!). Now, here at my casa/blog March will be emerald and April will be yellow. Sorry Jules, hope you forgive me!


2 thoughts on “Green and Spring all over

  1. What?! You went against the rules?! GASP! That throws me off–and makes me sweat a little bit. 🙂

    Yeah, I wouldn’t make a good criminal. Sigh.

    I love the photo of the mulberry bush–and best wishes with the grass!

    • Ha… I would make a horrible criminal too. It would be written all over my face.

      Thank you, we need all the well wishes we can get on our grass! Especially with water being hard to come by here in the desert.

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