Open Air Room?

So with it being summer and all, the sweetie and I have been spending a lot of time outside. Mainly hanging out in our sunroom. Did I mention I have a sunroom? I really need to make more pictures of the casa. Right now the sun room is a bit on the dusty side as it is basically a porch with windows. This weekend I promise I will clean it up and make pictures for you.

In it’s present state, my sun room is a bland and dusty space. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make it feel more like a living space and less like a walk through space. So, I visited good ol’ reliable Better Homes and Gardens for some ideas. I discovered something called “porch rooms”. I’m in the love with this idea, they also have some pretty pictures of “open air rooms”, these are basically patios, but still I love the terminology. Can you picture it, lemonade in hand, inviting guests to the open air room. That would get you some curious looks I’m sure. But on to the pictures.

I really like the porch above, I’ve tried this in my sunroom. It’s worked out fairly well, now if only I could keep the dog hair and dust out.

This one is really nice too, I’ve thought about converting my sunroom into a sleeping space. Especially when my casa is full of family.

I love all the rocking chairs in this one.

This one looked so cozy, I could see myself curling up in that backyard with a good book.

The fireplace on this one caught my eye. Can’t you imagine sipping lemonade on that patio in the summer, and sitting near the fire in the early spring and late fall?

I had to include this one, because I just liked the patio. I would love to re-do my old cement slab patio with something like this. I’ve thought about scored concrete. Hmm….the possibilities.

There are so many pictures I would have loved to share, but alas, there certainly is not enough time to share them. I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my current favorite “open air rooms” and “porch rooms”.

Please note that all images are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.


Happy Rooms

I’ve been very busy with other projects throughout Casa de Yellow and Cube de Work. So, a really great post about all the great projects I’ve completed will have to wait. But for now, I thought I would give you some sweet rooms to drool over.

The above photo was titled, “An Undecorated Living Room”. I love it, I think that’s what I’ll call my living room. Or maybe the entire casa.

This one is super green, but I love it. I keep expecting to see Lucy and Ricky to stroll by.

Since an uncluttered closet is nonexistent in my house, I found this photo to be very drool worthy. Maybe when I’m not so lazy busy, I’ll clean up my closet and feature a before and after.

We are in desperate need of an office space, so this would be the perfect way to chisel one out in our tiny house. I already have shelves similar to the ones shown above, and I’ve considered painting our spare room that same bright green.¬† With a dedicated office space maybe my sweetie and I won’t camp out in the living room with our separate¬† laptops.

I had to include a pretty bathroom! This one is so lovely, it’s one of my bathroom inspirations. However, I don’t think my bathroom will ever be able to fit a tub that glamorous.

And of course the kitchen, this is one that I could see myself using. Of course, if I were to use it, you’d see pots and pans with smoldering bits of food.

I must give credit where credit is due, all pictures are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens,