Happy Rooms

I’ve been very busy with other projects throughout Casa de Yellow and Cube de Work. So, a really great post about all the great projects I’ve completed will have to wait. But for now, I thought I would give you some sweet rooms to drool over.

The above photo was titled, “An Undecorated Living Room”. I love it, I think that’s what I’ll call my living room. Or maybe the entire casa.

This one is super green, but I love it. I keep expecting to see Lucy and Ricky to stroll by.

Since an uncluttered closet is nonexistent in my house, I found this photo to be very drool worthy. Maybe when I’m not so lazy busy, I’ll clean up my closet and feature a before and after.

We are in desperate need of an office space, so this would be the perfect way to chisel one out in our tiny house. I already have shelves similar to the ones shown above, and I’ve considered painting our spare room that same bright green.  With a dedicated office space maybe my sweetie and I won’t camp out in the living room with our separate  laptops.

I had to include a pretty bathroom! This one is so lovely, it’s one of my bathroom inspirations. However, I don’t think my bathroom will ever be able to fit a tub that glamorous.

And of course the kitchen, this is one that I could see myself using. Of course, if I were to use it, you’d see pots and pans with smoldering bits of food.

I must give credit where credit is due, all pictures are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, bhg.com.


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