Dog Days of Summer: Ahhh…

It’s been hotter than blazes here in the southwest this summer. So hot in fact, the little thermometer on my car has read over 100 degrees every evening on my commute home. Let’s just say, it’s pretty miserable for everyone. Especially for our beloved furry friends. We’ve had to take some pretty extreme measures to keep them cool too…



I haven’t heard any complaints since someone got their own personal fan.

Please remember, our furry friends need special care to stay cool in the heat. Maybe not a personal fan kind of special care, but make sure they have water and a cool place to lay down. And please, please, please don’t leave your pet in a hot car. You may only be a few minutes but it only takes a few minutes for the interior of your car to reach over 100 degrees. No one wants a cooked puppy dog.


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