Dog Days of Summer: No Pictures Please

The other day as I was going through the 389,657,267 photos that are scattered on numerous memory cards, an external hard drive, and oddly enough on my desk top, I realized of the 389,657,267 photos approximately half of them are dog pictures. Which quite frankly, frightens me. Does this mean I’m on the road to crazy-dog-lady-dom, or am I just crazy for taking pictures of things that I love and of the things that I love my dogs seem to be the most tolerant of having a camera shoved in their faces? Yeah, let’s go with that second one.

So, I’m left with all these photos of my beloved pooches with nothing to do with them, except to post them on here. Why not, this is my outlet, the place where I can get all my daily allotment of words out. And now a place to share all the copious amounts of dog photos that are taking up valuable space on my memory cards.  So in the next few weeks I plan to post a dog photo a day, let’s call this The Dog Days of Summer. Honestly, I’m really terrible at keeping up with a blog series (see evidence here and here) so I can’t make any promises. In fact, I had planned on starting this little dog photo dump at the beginning of July and here we are on the second day of July staring down the nose of this third day of July, with not a dog photo in sight.


Until now…

nopicturespleaseNo Pictures Please

Let’s just say some of us more excited about this endevour than others.



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