Tablesetting Tuseday

With Thanksgiving coming upon us, it’s time to think about all the yummy things that come along with this holiday of thankfulness (ya know aside from the blessing of having so many things to be thankful for). And to me, yummy things include pretty table settings, it’s almost beyond me to have a beautiful meal without the table being pretty too. I shouldn’t say it’s beyond me, because I can have a beautiful meal on a plain table, I’m not one to turn down a good meal, which is pretty evident by my double chins. But if you ever eat a meal at my house, the table will be set, there will be nice dishes, and cloth napkins, I’ll even dust the table of dog fur. I can’t guarantee how good the food will be, if I’m the one doing the cooking, but you will have a nice table and good company. It’s an odd thing with me, maybe it’s too much Pinterest, but I really find joy in setting up a nice table. So, this past weekend, when I had sunlight and some extra time, I set up a mock dinner party for two.

Outside, in the backyard, because really, I was too lazy to clean off our actual dining table. Besides it’s way more fun to play dinner party outside, and I couldn’t resist the great weather. Come on, in the 60’s in mid November?? It’s a warm weather girls dream!

I set a pretty simple table, a few pumpkins and some apples. The table runner is actually a red flat sheet and a flower-y scarf I had laying around. I like the layered look in both my wardrobe and my table.

The pedestal the apples sit in came from Goodwill, it’s wooden. I don’t know what kind of wood, but since I’m on a big wooden bowl and tray kick lately I thought it would make a nice addition to my wooden hoard. Plus, it gives the table some height, there’s nothing more boring than a table with nothing to draw the eye to different levels. At least, IMO. Geez, I sound like such a table setting snob don’t I?

The plates, bowl and charger are all new-ish, nothing vintage about them. But that amber colored glass you see, is a thrifted item, actually he has 5 other brothers in the cupboard waiting for that next glass of sweet tea.

So, today, I’m thankful for warm sunny days that lend themselves to a lazy-fake-dinner-party good time. Deep huh?


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