It’s the most gourdoues time of year!

I couldn’t help myself, I’ve just got gourds on the brain. Especially after visiting the dollar store last night! They had the prettiest ceramic pumpkins! I may have gone a little overboard with the pumpkin hoarding harvesting.

Amongst my ceramic pumpkins I also purchased some “faux” gourds. They won’t rot like the real thing, so if they survive a season in casa de April, I can use them next year!

So here’s what I did with them once I got them all prettied up and unwrapped.

All of the pumpkins and squash like items, came from the dollar store. Everything else I already owned. The table runner is actually a small round table cloth that I folded to fit like a table runner. The place mats I purchased, at the dollar store (!), back in February. I raised some of the pumpkins by placing them atop upside down drinking glasses, and a pillar candle holder I got for Christmas last year. And the dinnerware of course, I have owned since my first college apartment. Speaking of which it might be time to buy some more “grown up” dinnerware. A girl can only use her mom’s 80’s goose plates for so long!

Here’s some more views of my pretty harvest table:

Doesn’t it make you want to GOURDge on a yummy harvest inspired supper with pumpkin pie for dessert?!

Here’s the low down of how much this little project cost in case you were wanting to take up the dollar store fall decorating challenge yourself:

Pumpkins: $15 from the dollar store

Table Runner: FREE-bought last year at Wal-Mart after Christmas

Placemats: FREE-purchased last year at the same dollar store said pumpkins were harvested

Tableware: FREE-thanks Mom!

There’s linky parties happening!! Visit Hooked on Houses and The Nester for some more fall decorating eye candy!! And link up if you have a blog!!


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