Much Ado about nothing…

Much like the title of this post indicates, there really isn’t much to say today. But I did feel the need to post about fall. Decorating for fall to be exact. For a while now I’ve had fall decorating on my mind, and I’ve been trying to decide if I should change out my old fall wreath for a new one. Or do away with a wreath completely. But I do know that I MUST have something outdoors to celebrate fall, aside from the trees that are allowing there leaves to FALL! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the obvious.

Since I tend to lean toward the Halloween side of fall, I’ve found some more sweet and yet spooky decor ideas! All found on the Good Housekeeping website. Please click on the pictures for all the ghoulish details from the nice folks of Good Housekeeping.

How sweet are these punkins? Yes, I said punkins! I love how they made a tree out of them!

I’m just batty for these bats! (heh heh)

I don’t have a mantel, but if I did you know I’d be doing something like this. Actually, if I had a mantel I’d be changing it up constantly. Hmm…can you have a mantel without a fireplace?? I sense a post idea coming on!!

I haven’t done Jack-O-Lanterns since Jr. High, it’s something about the squishiness of the inards that gets me. But I do enjoy looking at them. I think the skeleton is my fave of this pack.

Well, I’m off to find me some punkins, bats, and scarecrows! OH MY!!


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