Sir Mix-a-lot

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Shall I introduce you to Sir Mix-A-Lot?

Sorry to get your hopes up, it’s just a mixer, not the rapper. But it’s a pretty cool mixer if you ask me. Last weekend I purchased the 4200 Dormeyer mixer for $5, with all original parts and the manual, including the milk glass mixing bowls which is what drew me in. It was a deal I could NOT pass up. And it works! I tried it out the other day and didn’t burn down the house! WOO-HOO! A thousand points for not having to meet the fire department yet again!

The only piece that’s missing is the wooden pestle or, the smasher in April terms. I assume it was for the meat grinder, doesn’t the sound yummy?

I loved the settings this puppy has…

Plus, if your clueless in the kitchen like me, it’s got all the measuring conversions…

I really don’t think this has much re-sale value as the brand isn’t all that well known. But I love it and am currently researching how I could get this little gem back into a usable and safe condition. Because really, where can you find a stand mixer for $5 ?