Thankful Thrifting

Happy Friday everyone!! I trust you have all made it this far in the week, it was a little touch and go for me. But thankfully, God created sweet tea to help us poor working souls along. And for some reason, it tastes so much better out of a thrifted Donald Duck mug.

Speaking of thrifting, it’s been a while since I’ve done a Thrifting Thursday, on a Friday. I’ve kinda missed them, there’s nothing like reviewing all the treasures I passed up for one reason or another, or found worthy to cart home. Here’s what I found on a recent thrifting trip:

This Rudolph tea set made me smile, I can’t decide if it’s cute or really tacky. What do you think?

Then I came across some really awesome pieces. This stuff was super heavy and really old, and I instantly fell in love.

The curves on this guy had me at hello. Or maybe she’s a girl, with all those curves maybe I’ll call her a girl. Aside from the curves, I noticed some markings on the back.

That’s got to be from a moving company right, or maybe a maker signature? And it’s got to be old, I don’t know anyone with handwriting like that anymore.

Then I came across this cute Lane Cedar Chest. I was tempted, but the $200 price tag was a little steep for this cheapskate.

The inside was pretty clean, and still cedar-y. But not quite as immaculate as mine with original tags and key attached to the inside of the lid.

One day, when I get a better stand/platform for my TV, I’ll show you the inside of my cedar chest. Then I’ll finally be able to get to the pillows and comforter stored inside. Nothing but the most convenient of storage solutions for me!

Have you found anything fun or reindeer-like on a recent thrift store run?

Virtual Transformations

On a recent trip to a nearby thrift store I spied with my little eye, some treasures that needed just a little polishing. Unfortunately, I have neither the time, room, or a way of moving such treasures. So, instead of bringing home these jewels in the rough, I took some photos to share with you.

First up is a pair of chairs, I practically swooned.

I apologize for the quality of the photo, I had to use my point shoot as the big camera was a little conspicuous. Plus, florescent lights aren’t forgiving on anyone.

These chairs may not look so nice to the naked eye, but you’ve got have vision. They could be turned into this:

Via Pinterest Via Flickr (don’t you hate when you find the perfect picture, but can’t find the original link?)

Or they could be re-created into this $500 West Elm Chair:

Via West Elm

Or you could use a bold pattern to make them a statement piece, like this Target chair for $400:

Via Target

The chairs I am swooning were a cool $15.99  a pop:

Now that I’ve shopped around, these lovelies may have to come home with me.

During the same shopping excursion I found this curvy girl:

She needs some work, but nothing a little bit of stripping and paint couldn’t fix.

Especially with dove tailing like this.

And with such beautiful lines. At $129 she’s not a cheap date, not an expensive one, but considering the April hours it would take to make her pretty, I just couldn’t justify the purchase. But if I could have talked myself into this beauty, she could be turned into something like this:

Via Oh Dee Doh

No, there’s no bun, but these vintage dressers do make cute changing tables.

Via Dwellings by Devore

Or this beauty, the lines are a bit more simple, but you get the idea:

Via Little Green Notebook

Aww yes, nothing like virtually transforming a vintage treasure into something even more beautiful.