Well Read

I am participating in a ” 31 Days of…” series for the month of October. You see a whole bunch of sweet blogger buddies have been getting together the past few years to do 31 posts about a topic that they have a passion for. This year they have invited all of their readers to post 31 days of their passions. The blogger that first introduced me to this series was The Nester, if you are interested in participating in the 31 Days of…series, please visit her site for more information. I hope you enjoy my series on finding treasures both vintage and of the heart. Let’s hope I can overcome my inconsistent blogging habit and share those 31 posts within the next 31 days!

In yesterdays post you got to see my “new” old camera. Today we’ll talk about the books that were sitting under the camera and a few others. You may remember seeing them in this photo.

My favorite at the moment is the “Holiday Reader”, I picked this colorful book up at an estate sale for a quarter.

The Holiday Reader was used as a Social Studies book for elementary schools in Texas. It covers all the holidays, including Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, which may have something to do with the name of the school that is stamped at the front of the book.  It was first checked out November 22, 1966, exactly two years after JFK was assassinated. I only mention that, because along with a stamp indicating the book came from Robert E. Lee Elementary School, it was also approved through Dallas Public Schools. I love old stuff, it’s so easy to tie it all into huge historical events. It makes me wonder about the stories these old items have.

The stories and poems in this book are so old fashioned, definitely something that you wouldn’t find in a text book today. Like this little poem for instance:

Thank You God

Thank you for the world so sweet.

Thank you for the food we eat.

Thank you for the birds that sing.

Thank you, God for everything.

-Mrs. E.R. Leatham

Sweet isn’t it? If you found that in a text book today lawsuits would be filed. But let’s stay on the happy vintage topic shall we?

Along with the Holiday Reader,you will find a copy of “We”, by Charles Lindburg. Apparently, it is “The famous flier’s own story of his life and his transatlantic flight, together with his views on the future of aviation.” The copyright is from 1927, so it’s a pretty old book. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t tell you what his views of the future of aviation were, but it’s still pretty cool to have in my possession.

But what made me giggle is what I found on the inside cover…

I’ve lost a lot of books who couldn’t find their way home. I just hope they ended up in a happy place where they are enjoyed! Oh, and I have to point out those cute little airplanes on the inside of the cover.

Another of my favorites, is a very old copy of St. Elmo. I loved the picture on the front, it’s so romantic and the wear on the book makes it that much more intriguing.

I have no idea how old this copy is, but it must have been given to Mrs. Little by Billy Gleaves for Easter, at least that’s what I’m assuming.

There was also a little newspaper quote that had been tucked amongst the old pages:

Don’t Be Discouraged

When you think that you are through

And laid upon the shelf.

Then don’t give up the struggle,

Think better of yourself.

No, don’t give up the battle

Because you’re feeling blue.

There’s all your blessing to think of,

Enough to tide your through.

If things look dark and bad today,

Another day is coming;

So, count your blessings one by one,

Ere long you may be humming.

Just turn the cloud, which you can do

And see the silver lining;

For God is surely with us still,

For you the sun is shining.

-Mrs. John A. Harris

The treasures that can be found within other treasures, that’s what keeps me coming back for more.  Hopefully, it won’t get me on an episode of “Hoarders” clinging to all of my treasures in my cramped house!