Excursion to Home Depot

Last night the sweetie and I paid the neighborhood Home Depot a visit. While there, I spied my favorite bathroom faucet, and get this, ON CLEARANCE!!! I was so excited I did a happy dance!! And my sweetie pretended not to know me. He does this quite frequently as I often do my happy dance in public. What can I say I’m happy, and when I’m happy I dance!

But I digress, the reason my precious was so heavily discounted, was because it was the display, and the only one left. And didn’t come with any of the fancy hoses you need to hook it up to a water line.  Apparently these are really important, but I know nothing about that sort of thing, yet. I have a feeling I will soon be getting a lesson from the sweetie.

Here she is, not mine of course, apparently I was too excited to take pictures of my actual faucet.

Courtesy of Home Depot

The price on the website is $118 buck-a-roos, but I got mine for a cool $35 bucks! *Enter Happy Dance Here!*

And it’ll go great with my favorite bathroom vanity.

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

I had taken pictures of the display in the store with a top on it, but some dummy who shall remain nameless, *ahem* forgot her camera today and will have to wait until she gets home to post more accurate pictures.

But for now here are some vanity tops I liked:

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

And last week, I visited a local discount store and scored a lovely dark wood mirror to use as our bathroom primping mirror. Unfortunately, since dummy forgot her camera, pictures of that will have to wait.  But here’s one that has the same finish, and is very similar. Except my mirror has a design on top.

Image Courtesy of Darlings of Chelsea

Soon very soon, my bathroom will come together and I’ll FINALLY have some after photos to share! Y’all come back now!!!