Perception of Perfection

As I cruise through the interwebs, I see so many beautiful rooms, so many clever crafts, and so many other creative things that imaginative people have come up with. And I want to make the rooms in my house that beautiful and try all of those creative crafts, but honestly, I feel a little over stimulated with all of it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at those beautiful rooms and trying those clever crafts, but it’s become a little too much lately. There’s too much perfection, or perception of perfection. I realize that’s probably not the intent of these lovely creative people, but that perfection has become a distraction of mine recently. I get lost in the journey to perfection, because honestly, it doesn’t exist. And while seeking that nonexistent perfection, I am missing out on all the imperfect perfection around me. So, for the remainder of the month of November I plan to post about something I am thankful for, something that is not part of my journey to that impossible destination of perfection.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for committing to another series, considering how consistent I was with my 31-ish Days of Getting it Done.¬† But this time, there’s no doing, it’s only observing, and picture taking, and quote copying, or whatever else tickles my thankful fancy.

So to start off my 23 days of thankfulness….

No, I’m not thankful for a U-haul truck, but for what the U-Haul hauled back to New Mexico, my sister and her husband. I am so thankful that she and her husband made it from Virginia to the Land of Enchantment safe and sound. Even through the scary-ness of Super Storm Sandy, a lost wallet, and numerous other dramas that caused delays and stress. But they made it back home safe and sound, and I have my sister back! *Happy Dance*

Oh and Happy Birthday Sister!!!

Also, I should mention that  my thoughts and prayers are with all those that were impacted by Sandy. Too many people lost their homes, and in some cases their loved ones.