Light the way…

A couple of months ago, the sweetie and I updated the porch light and the house numbers. Upon purchasing the house 2 years ago (!) we inherited a dirty old plastic porch light and faded house numbers that had been hammered onto a piece of old wood. The wood had been painted to match the faded trim around the porch and garage. Sooner rather than later, I would like to re-paint the trim, however, the sweetie and I just can’t come to an agreement on color. But that’s a whole other post in itself. Now back to the porch light and the house numbers. The old porch light and house numbers looked like this:

This is actually a picture I took right before we had the windows replaced. Someone whose name rhymes with Pearl forgot to take before pictures of the old light and numbers. But I digress, in the above picture you can see that the old porch light was an odd shape ,the picture doesn’t show quite how nasty this light really was. It was cracked and stained with years worth of dirt that wouldn’t come off even with lots of elbow grease. And you can see the ugly color  the house numbers were painted, even though I blurred them out a bit. The numbers themselves were pretty beat up too.  So, it was time for some updating.

Every little project in my house, gets a lot of thought before it actually gets done. So it took the sweetie and I a year and a half to decide upon what sort of house numbers we wanted, and what type of porch light to buy.  Honestly, we went through so many different options I can’t remember all of them. But I do know that the finalist really was the best suited for Casa de Yellow. (How’s that for some good Spanglish?)

In the above picture you will see that we chose a pretty shaped wooden background for the letters. I spray painted it with black lacquer paint, so it would have some shine to it and match the numbers better. Which brings me to the numbers, for those I ended up with a brushed nickel finish. I blurred out the other numbers for privacy sake, but left one of them so that you could get a better idea of the overall look.

Here is a closer view of the house numbers, of course most of them are blurred out, again for privacy sake:

And the porch light, which I love. It’s not too big or too small for our little casa. And it’s so much brighter than the old light.

The stucco does need to be repaired around the new light, but we are procrastinating holding off on repairing it since we will be getting the entire house re-stuccoed. Hopefully, very soon. *keeping fingers crossed*

There are so many mini and not so mini projects around the casa that are either in progress or need to be done it’s overwhelming. It could drive a girl to eat an entire carton of Pecan Praline ice cream! But instead I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures of porches.