31 Days: Plans

I suck at this 31 Days of Getting it Done series, I haven’t done 31 things and I haven’t posted about the 31 nonexistent things within the bounds of 31 days. Yes, I wrote out a plan, and yes, I had planned on getting some projects done before the 31 days of October came around. I had also planned on getting my house all neat and organized like Jules did over at Pancakes and French Fries. By the way, she’s totally my hero and  does a great job of “getting it done”. She has based her 31 day series (and last years series) on the famous William Morris quote, but you’ll have to skip on over to her blog to find out more.

Anywho, I’m stuck in a disappointing and annoying loop of the same old I’m-tired-from-work bug that I always tend to catch, I also have the it’s-fall-and-I-need-to-soak-up-as-much-warm-sunshine-as-possible-before-the-time-change-turns-me-into-a-vampire-itis, it’s a real disease I swear, look it up! I say all of this because, really, I’m not getting “it” done. I’m getting important things done, like workie things, and chores, and walking the dogs, and Netflixed Doctor Who episodes watched. But the “it” of Getting it Done, yeah, that’s kind of been put aside and smooshed into the corner of the closet along with that half finished Pinterest project and the “skinny” jeans I’ve been saving back for when I am “skinny” again.

But never fear, I have a plan!! (there’s always a plan) The plan is to get back on schedule, to get “it” done before the end of October, to finally and victoriously finish a 31 day series in 31 days!!! Wouldn’t that be nice? If it does happen I shall celebrate with cake and a marathon of Netflixed Doctor Who.

In the mean time, while I ponder if and when I should be caught up on my getting it done posts, I’ll be enjoying a nice flick in the backyard.

Obviously, I need to use my tripod more liberally.

By the way, we watched Jurassic Park, I don’t recommend watching such a suspenseful movie within earshot of neighbors that can hear your shrieks of terror every time a dino rips someones head off. I’ll stick to sweet non-scream inducing Disney movies thankyouverymuch.