Why so green?

I am participating in a ” 31 Days of…” series for the month of October. You see a whole bunch of sweet blogger buddies have been getting together the past few years to do 31 posts in 31 days. The topic is always something they have a passion for. This year they have invited all of their readers to post 31 days of their passions. If you are interested in participating in the 31 Days of…series, or you’re just curious about what everyone else is writing about, please visit The Nester, Jen, Melissa, Sandy, Darcy, Emily, and Emily. I hope you enjoy my series on finding treasures both vintage and of the heart. Let’s hope I can overcome my inconsistent blogging habit and share those 31 posts within the next 31 days!

Apparently, things made from jadeite are in high demand. I’ve been on the look out for items with that pretty green milky hue, but they are just too hard to come by. That’s why when my Bubba came across this mug he happily paid the 50 cent price tag and gleefully presented me with my very first jadeite piece.

I have yet to use it for fear of breaking it. Over the years I have become quite proficient at breaking favorite glasswares. Recently, I broke one of our vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, its beautiful leaf green shards were all over the floor. I nearly cried, not from the mess, but because I realized I’d broken something that could very possibly be older than me. Yup, it lasted over 30 years until it moved into my house and only made it a few weeks.

Let’s hope this jadeite mug lasts longer, and let’s also hope that I can introduce him to more of his milky green buddies!