New Years 2012

When you last heard from me, I went on and on about our Christmas spent with my sweet Momma. This time around, I thought I’d talk about how Bubba and I celebrated New Years, and another certain milestone.

On December 29th, Bubba and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Yeah, I know, an entire year as a married woman! I can’t believe it either, and neither can Bubba as I am still referred to as “the girlfriend”. Hopefully, soon I can stop asking him who is girlfriend is when he starts remembering who is wife is.

To celebrate this milestone, we decided it would be fun to head back down to Las Cruces, where we tied the knot, and where my Bubba was born and raised. While we were down there we visited with his family, and my in-laws. There was lots of chatter, and lots of driving from place to place.

Being back in our old college town, and the place where we became Mr. and Mrs. Bubba,  allowed us to sort of re-live our wedding feast. We ate at the same restaurant that we hosted the wedding dinner, and ate nearly the same dishes we had that evening exactly one year before. It was tastey, romantic, and quiet. And apparently, un-photo worthy as I didn’t take one shot of our anniversary evening or any shots of my sweet in-laws.

I did however, make sure to get a picture of my most favorite of seasonal treats, a peppermint caliche from the former Scoopy’s. If you are ever in the Las Cruces area, I highly recommend this frozen custard stand, Caliches, named after one of it’s most popular menu items. It’s guaranteed to make your mouth happy, but your jeans grimace.

New Year’s came and went, without a photo to prove it. Actually, it didn’t even feel like a holiday. Bubba and I spent it at home, watching movies and in general being lazy. Which is sort of a holiday, taking the day off, forgetting the stress of day to day life.  But to me a holiday should be filled with lots of home cooked food and family. Maybe next year, I will plan a nice dinner and invite nearby loved ones. We could have who-pudding and rare who-roast beast. Doesn’t that sound delicious?