Country Cones

Get your mind outta the gutter! I’m talking about ice cream cones here! Oh, you knew what I was talking about? Well, I guess I’m the only one that thinks cones belong on a road. Construct cones…ya know the orange ones.

Anyways, to end the awkward silence, a couple months ago, I posted about Blue Bell ice cream, which by the way is the  best, most yummy ice cream in the world. OK, maybe second best, I’d have to say that Caliches in Las Cruces is the best, but that’s a whole different post.

My most recent discovery, or should I say the sweetie’s most recent discovery, as he does all the grocery shopping (Yeah, I know, he’s a gem, and he’s mine, and no you may not borrow him!), Mini Country Cones by Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Aren’t they cute?

They are 90 calories a cone, and have vanilla dipped in chocolate with walnuts on top, there’s even chocolate at the bottom of the cone! Needless to say, I was one happy camper. And at only 90 calories a cone, that means they are good for you and you can eat more of them right?!

It’s that kind of thinking that can get a girl into bigger jeans! I think mine just whimpered a little.

But I digress, the Country Cones are awesome if you are like me and need to watch a waist line, just be sure to only eat one.  And no, not one every hour!

Here’s the box if you are in the area and would like to buy some of these cute little mini’s for yourself:

No, that’s not me, but I do occasionally wear a cowboy hat and coordinating vest around the house. But only during fair season 😉