Ribbon Tree

Recovery from this horrible cold is taking much longer than I had hoped, it’s definitely interferring with my holiday decorating. But I do have one major component up that brings  Christmas to the Yellow Casa, like my tree:

Ignore the messy table and the clutter surrounding tree, when I snapped the photo I didn’t really care too much about “staging” anything.

This years tree is slightly different from last years:

This year I went a little crazy with the ribbon, but I really like the fullness it added to my fake tree. Yup, I’m a fake tree loyalist, I like the non sticky-ness it provides, although I do miss that nice fresh smell you get from a real tree. All of my childhood Christmases included a traditional real tree cut down from the nearby mountains by my dad or later on by a family friend. I was in middle school when my mom decided a faux tree would be more economical and would save more tree lives. So, I followed in her footsteps and have had a fake tree every year since being out on my own. I was tempted a couple of weeks ago to buy a small real tree, but the thought of throwing it away at the end of the season was just too sad. Maybe next year I will get a live tree that can be planted in the yard after Christmas.

And here’s my wreath for the front, it’s still hung on the inside of the door due to my cold and the cold outside. I am hoping either the weather will warm up or I will get well soon.

Notice the sparkly green bow on the wreath? Yeah, it came in a two pack, so I put the other one on top of the tree with the star. I’m really lovin’ the green and the sparkle.

My ornaments are very low key, all are sentimental pieces.

Well, I must go for now, another major Christmas tradition is going on in my house, A Charlie Brown Christmas Special is on tv. I can’t miss it!

How are you fairing in the Holiday rush? Or are you trying to keep it low key and just enjoy this season of joy?